This page includes all the data regarding scouting for the 2022 Arizona Fall League.

2022 Hitters

The table below includes all hitters scouted in 2022 AFL.

NamepositionbatsDOBMLB teamAFL teamPre notesFG/MLB Top 100's10/3/2022 95 and sunny and beautiful10/4/2022 85 and clear for a night game10/5/22 Beautiful 93/clear. SLR has cool crack in the screen for fans10/6/22 Weather is threatening and into the 70's in the evening10/7/22 - Another perfect clear day at 89 In Arizona10/8/22 day game partly cloudy in the 80's today very comfortable10/8/22 night game in Scottsdale. Turned cloudy - drizzle ends by 1st pitch at 77 degrees10/10/2022 clear night in the low 80's no wind. Perfect!10/11/22 clear and beautiful day temps in mid 80s10/12/22 clear and beautiful high around 8810/13/22 96 degree day all sun in Az. Tonight at Sloan Park in Mesa for 1st time10/15/22 game 1 of tripleheader indoors at Chase10/15/22 game 2 of tripleheader indoors at Chase10/15/22 game 3 of tripleheader indoors at Chase10/17/2022 is 82 and sunny - nice!10/19 evening at 75 degrees and clear. Top down on convertible weather10/20/2022 just another low 80's day and clear10/21/22 87 degrees and sunny again today10/22 86 sunny and just perfect today for the triple header game 110/22 same weather as game 1 just a new second game in triple header10/22 for the last game of tripleheader the weather turns with a strong wind blowing out10/24 is a beautiful day 72 degrees so cooler than it has been Now I can wear long sleeves10/25 Wonderfull Fall weathr in Az today nite game time temp is 7210/26 weather is beauttiful with 75 degrees and no clouds10/28/2022 Beautiful high 70's weather persists10/29 Another cloudless day with mid 70's10/29 Another cloudless day with mid 70's10/31 Cloudless day in low 70s11/1 Cloudy day with cold front immenent. Enjoy once last warm day of 82 degrees
Black TylerCF / LFL2022-07-06 00:00:00MilwGlendaleMLB2b9Has speed to burn and almost beats out routine play in 5th. Looks bad in 9th on wild swingPoor AB against struggling SP in 1st. K in 5th he isnt impressing. From WSU but alas. 10/8 cont - Then won the game with an superb diving catch in CF in 9thWill swing at pitches out of the zone. Gets a RBI on chopper to LF in 7th that injures SimonHe looks awful at plate late and slow. Waits out a walk in 7th.10/13 - Calls out loudly for the popup in the 7th then lets it fall. Really bad playLate on Tolleson FB, He doesn’t have the bat to be an everyday guy at this point. Got go ahead hit in 8th against crippled Calvo so he has talentWallops a long HR to RF in 7th. He hasn’t shown a lot of this till nowLines Priester into CF in 4th and hustles it into a double. Nice swing and controlled AB. Dude has SPEED
Castillo MoisesifR1999-07-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleServes a breaking ball down LF line for a double nice hitting then does identical thing in 8th. He takes very short cutsGounds routine to SS in 2nd. Lines one to (of course) rf for a hit in 5th. RF side is his gameMakes an truly UNREAL grab onball hit by Pages. Not sure about bat but that play showed great range at SS. His bat delivered a huge single in 8thBatting behind Julien he does a nice job fouling off to stay alive but the rest of the day no supportFooled by sidearmer Hoffman. In 6th he cant touch Dula either with 2 on and 2 out. He fails to impress
Hackenberg AdamcR1999-09-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleReally bad swings tofayRBI single on looper in 2nd. He isnt a starSteals a base after walk early but nothing ele at batweak cuts againNice block of short breaker in 5th saves a run
Hinds ReceifR2020-09-01 00:00:00CincGlendaleNothing notable. Late on a lot of swings but not too late on oppo double in 8th showing speedLong swing. But lots of speed shown on 3 run HR. When he can get to the ball it will go a long waysHe hits them a LONG WAYS when he can get to them. Tonight a grand slam in 1st and fly to track in 2nd. Swing is long and strongHe keeps striking out with huge long swings and misses today. He is an all or nothing guyStill long and dangerous and still swings and misses too much. More K'sA deep Flyout. A whiff, a walk. No chg to his scout or styleHs to start swing early so good stuff makes him look bad. Happened today with 2 on and 2 out in 5thStraight stuff by Contreras and he laces a double to the gap. Nearly out running bases 3 times but survives until a Julien K
Isola Alexc/1bR1998-07-01 00:00:00MinnGlendaleNothing excitingxNothing of noteTakes strike 3 in 2nd but rips Priester FB for a RBI double off the wal in 4thLifts a single to CF in 8th, He isnt really a great hitter but not too bad if he sticks at C
Julien Eduard2bL1999-04-01 00:00:00MinnGlendaleSleeper. 2nd team all MLB prospect team with 931 OPSThin. Shows elite bat speed and good athleticism. Works the count before dribbles out to end gameReally good bat speed. Single and line out all hit HARD. Watch this guy he has special talentsUltra patient. But elevated fastball sent to RC for a triple. He is a Brantley style hitter. But he also has pop to spare as he shows with a 2nd liner double in 3rdAdjusts well to curve from Smith and Torres and gets 2 walks. AGAIN.He looks a little less steady vs LHP Knowles taking called 3rd strike on offspeed. Lines hard out in 9th10/19 cont - He is now batting 360 with a 1023 OPS in Az. And draws a walk in 8th too. Wow. On 10/10 he makes a nice glove toss ot 1b for an out.He is at it again in 1st inning of this game with a LAUNCHED 2 run HR. This due to his being a great hitter. Gets a solid hit again the 5th to knock in another run. 10/22 cont - He polishes off the game with a colossal HR to LF to drive in 2 more. Has 5 of 6 RBI for Glendale. Best pure all around hitter in AFL. Boom there it iscxRBI single in 1st, walk in 5th. Stll impressiveTrying to hit to to Nevada in 3rd and strikes out. Why Eduard why?
Marte Noelvi3bR2001-10-01 00:00:00CincGlendaleFG10 MLB17 MLBss8Big tall looks impressive and better suited to 3b where he played today. Bat looked weak at timesBat look quicker tonight. Draws walk in 2nd and rips a single in 5th. He the shows exvellent patience in 7th but jammed on labelWalks in 1st AB after throwing away the bat one pitch early. His plate disc is excellent today. Make aother spectacular play at 3b. Then hits what would have been walk off winner in 7th but Mc Clain out at home10/13 cont - then he makes the best IF play of the year to date in the 7th with 2 on and none out. Backhand down the line WOWLifts one on a little pop that carries to deep LF. He has bat speed but not results early in this game. Like everyone he cant touch Robinson from SD or Calvo but Calvo walked himDidn’t have his best today at plate but did work a nice walk with his eye. Then plops in a single to RF in 7th. No doubt his bat , eye and glove will play in the show especially at 3bGood AB in 4th to draw a walk and again in 6th. Again he looks wonderful at 3b with a sparkling play
Martin AustinifR1999-03-01 00:00:00MinnGlendaleLate bat. Poor jump on SS liner too. And poor play in 4th too. RBI single in the 7th. Overall passBig single to tie the game in bottom of the 7th. He hasn’t done much in minors but the pitch recog is thereLeadoff for the game with another hit. This guy was traded to Twins in Berrios deal and his rounding into formHas a couple good AB with hits again. Overall I am not impressed with athletic skill but I am with his head for gameShows eye and speed skills with walk and steal. He is sloppy at SS. Fails in big situation in 6th on 3 curves by Reifert.Makes a couple of nice catches in CF. Beats out IF hit leading off the 6th and scores after a Julien hit. Then hit into the RF hole on a hit and run in 7th.
McLain MattifR1999-08-01 00:00:00CincGlendaleHit 233 in AA after being the 17th overall pick in 2021.droppedHe seemed tentative on 1st AB. His talent does not pop out in any facetA very bleh night. No idea if he is capable of being worthy of lofty draft status although I have doubtsHe is taking pitches right down the chute and doing zip. DisappointingHe is bleh AGAIN today I am not seeing it with him. Maybe he is rusty. Got HBP in 7thHe had a really nice swing driving it to the wall at 385 in the 2nd. Stands in to take HBP in 4th and whiffs with ugly swing in 6th and 8th10/20 cont - He makes a nice defensive pick today. He has a very strong arm too. And does it AGAIN with special play in 7th. Glove!Priestr gets him twice including FB for Kin 3rdHe looks bad at plate again whiffing with impunity. Then he puts a strong swing on Contreras and homers! Then walks in 7th and SB and scores on Sac fly11/1 cont - So much for me ragging on him. Or maybe not enough as he slips and throws the ball into the dugout from SS.
Pages AndylfR2000-12-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleFG74He makes an excellent catch coming in on a ball in RF. He has the big hit of the game early with 3 run shot to LF in 3rd It is the only hit for Glendale until 6th with another HR. He rips a fould then a singlein 8th. Nice dayHe has some great AB today including a deep one. He has talent at bat with good swing and eye. This guy is a keeper and sleeperHe singles in 1st but pops up in 4th and grounds out in 6th. Fouls deep in 8th and has a long AB vs Lugo. He has great ability to stay alive and walks, scores after a nice tag on fly to CF11/1 cont - He tags at 1b on fly to CF smart play tha winds up with a RS on a sac fly. He isnt a preternatural superstar coming but he plays well in all facets of game
Quero JefersoncR2002-10-08 00:00:00MilwGlendaleHit in head by FB in 1st. He gets up OKHe has an accurate arm and got 2 CS today. Hits ball to fence in 7th but out bleh offense - DP grounders. Good catcher skills with great arm to 2blate vs Knowles too. Not much at bat. But does take one up the middle in 7thStealing at will against him Batting is even worse.
Ramos JoseofR2001-01-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleLines a shot to CF for single in 2nd. Runs out an infield hit in 7th that was keyBat is slow and off again today. But he saves the game with unreal catch in RFHe launches a hanging breaker for a HR in 6thDouble in 2nd leads to 2 runs off PriesterDoesn’t look locked in today. Takes a calle 3rd strike right down the chute and swings on ugly 3-2 pitch to whiff in 7thGrounds out meely vs sinker star Jacob with lead runner on 2nd in 6th. Makes an incredible catch in LF while crashing into the fence. Flies to track in 8th
Tatum TerrellofL1999-01-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleSleeper. 2022 Speed and drug suspensionSolid single against wild RP in 5th is first hit and RBI of gameInjured significantly diving for a blooper
Vivas JorbitifL2001-03-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleSleeper - Good contact hitterHe hit it square in 2nd. Good bat speed. Another unheralder DodgerBreaks his bat on infield single to load bases in 1st. He has speed and talent and eye. He is a legit prospect
Ward Je'VoncfL1999-10-01 00:00:00MilwGlendaleHe entered on injury toTatum. IF hit and a walk mid game. Laced a decisive double in the 9th too. Sleeper?Late on stuff from Tolhurst, Calvo and well everyoneworks a tough walk in 3rd takes a tough K in 4th and 7th. Up with bases loaded and 2 out in 8th and pounds change into the dirt for easy outPriester takes care of him
Warren Zaviercx1999-01-08 00:00:00MilwGlendaleTacked on a key RBI single up the middle in 7th.He hasrunner on 2nd with 1 out in 10th but grounds out.DH tonite. Nothing notable about his batwhiffs on chase in 2nd. Singles off Torres in 7thHe doesn’t look good todayStrikes out to end the 4th off Contreras and off Jacob in 6th with runners in scoring position. Battles in 8th for sac fly
Auer MasoncfR2001-03-01 00:00:00TampMesaHe is SOE and steals on 1st pitch after error in 1st inning then steals 3rd on the 3rd pitch. Triples to the wall in 7th. Dude can play with ultra speedSpeed legs out an IF hit in 1st and steals 2nd again but picked off going to 3b. Speed runs down a Nick G drive then amazing catch vs Davis in RC gap. Just wow in CF10/11 cont - annointed as a fan fave today despite popping out with bases loaded. Whiff with runner on 2b to end the game.sub. AB in 6th. WhiffedHe is out on grounder in 1st doesn’t run hard. Gets on FC in 2nd and easily steals 2b again. His speed causes early havoc as Acuna boots a grounder trying to speed it up to get him. In 8th he takes strike 3 showing his weakness at dish. Shows strogn OF arm in 8thFrozen by Rocker change and late on his fastball. He whiffs next 2 times as well
Butler LawrenceifL2000-07-01 00:00:00OakMesaMLB1b10Ambushed a FB from DelBontaSmith for 2 run HR to cap a 5 run 1st. Sac fly in 7th3 fastballs for K in 3rd. Takes a walk in 5th after just missing the other way (foul).Waches strike 3. He doesn’t impress despite line shot to CF for out in 9th. Wanna see him again Just misses a 100 MPH pitchStrikes out ugly vs Rocker and grounds out easy vs Lehman.
Caissie OwenrfL2002-07-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaFG97Yawn. He sure doesn’t look like a top 100 guy to meBounces to 3b and scored an infield hit. Whiffs on 3 pitches in 9th. He doesn’t look like a top 100 guy to meNothing of note tonite other than groundball single in 7thnothing special todayHe misreads a bll in air and barely makes the catch in field. Rips 2 run double to the wall off Pennington in 2nd and steals 3rd. Whiffs in 3rdTries to go the other way with short swing and pops out. In 4th he has an ugly whiff. Strikes out looking at 3 in a row in 6th. In 9th swings 3-0 and winds up with a popout
Clarke DenzelofR2000-05-01 00:00:00OakMesaGreat speed legs it out. Steals 2b he has good speed
Davis BrennanofR1999-11-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaBenefit. Lost most of 21 to back injury. Timing, close swing holes workFG28Nice eye in 1st AB for walk. Just missed a FB for popout in 2nd. Late swings until a nice RBI double. 10/5 cont Doesn’t look like a top 30 guy but he is rusty obviously. Pitch selection is not always good
Dominguez JassonofS2003-02-01 00:00:00NYYMesaWatch. Raw skills off the charts but can he harness?FG67 MLB39 MLBof10doesn’t show anything at plate. Doesn’t look too much like a star at dish or field to meWhiffs on 3 Sikema pitches. And misses an easy flyout in 3rd with 2 on and 2 out and whiffs with bases loaded in 5th. He is still not impressiveSwing still looks average at best. He also looks bad in field letting a blooper fall in for a hit in 4th and hit a liner out in 7thHe just doesn’t impressHe is just letting the ball get TOO deep to drive it. In 1st that is a routine flyout for a sac fly and in 3rd a easy grounder. Flies to track in 8th10/27 cont - He is in low class A and the lack of polish shows. Will he be better in future we shall see but not very good in AFL 22Lines it HARD to CF. The way it is going for him hereLines one HARD at RF in 4th. He was on that one at last
Gelof ZackifR1999-10-01 00:00:00OakMesaWatch - He has special talent injuries in 2022MLB94 MLB3b8Doesn’t show anything at plate and boots routine grpunder in 6thBounces into routine DP in 2nd. Lined one hard to Acuna at SS and walked againWeak contact again. Until the 5th when he times up Peralta for a game tying HRHe lines a single to RC on 1st pitch he has a nice cutGoes the opposite way to track with quick bat in 1stGrounds another single up the middle to lead off the 4th against Webb. Flies to track in 6th. Yeah he is going to be OK
Guldberg MichaelofR1999-06-01 00:00:00OakMesaBat not impressive. Not enough bat speed to ride it out in 6th on deep outGreat throw home in bottom of 7th to nail McLain with the walk off run. Wow.Un veils a good inside out cut to RF. He goes 2 for 3 today to get up to 231 both hits oppo field
Hardman TylerifR1999-01-01 00:00:00NYYMesaSleeper. Big12 BA champ in 21. Power wow in 2022 a+He is built strong. He is so strong he took Bukaskus out the oppo way with remarkable bat speed. His power is REAL - even on flyout and single. WATCH HIMHigh pop out. He has amazing bat speed againRips a double to the wall in RC. He has ar eally level cut that stays in the zone and the strength that drives it WOW. Robbed by 2b in 3rd inningHe has a big hit in the winning rallies again. Solid at plate`
Hunt BlakecR1998-11-01 00:00:00TampMesaPR for Mack in 7thBouncing throws allowing steals and no batBat is slow. Gets jammed a couple fo times too. He hustles consistently but his bat isnt great for this level. Walked in 6th and gave Mesa the lead in 8th with a single10/13 cont - He is not good with arm tonight throwig ball into CF. Hit ball hard to 3b out but niceA pop at the plate drops untouched as he called it and missed it badly. Hit foul, went fair ruled foul and it was ugly. At plate takes strike 3 from Pennington FB in 2nd and swings and misses in 3rd10/22 cont - Tried to throw to 2b before he caught the ball in the 3rd - really ugly. Another one no throw and another one at 3b way too late. UGGHQuick release to nail Easley stealing then gets Acuna in 4th. Strong throw beat him enough to have time to drop the tag on high throw. He also allowed 2 SB against10/27 cont -In 8th he cant block a ball in dirt close enough to keep the go ahead run from scoring Offensively, in 2nd, a hit and solid single to RFand scores in 5th and grounds out to end itHe is getting scouted as an oppo hitter but I have seen the pull power too. Loops a flyout the other way so good call by manager to shift.
Mack JoecL2002-12-01 00:00:00MiamMesaNothing special ecept LHH at C. He joins the rout in the 6th with blooper to CF. Has some troubles catching too. HBP in 7th came out Hits into a weak DP in 4thHe actually gets a foul against Uribe FB before grounding opout vs change
Mervis MattifL1998-04-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaSleeper - wow 2022 to AAA. 309/379/605 year - 36 HR. 20 Undrafted. Also Watch -see if same shows in AFLMLB1b8Nice level long in zone. Smacks it through 2b. Has strong moments in field and a couple of bad one tooWalks on 4 pitches. Then makes big out in 2 clutch situations apparently overswinging. He shows emotions of frustration on faceLines an RBI double over the CF to drive in a run in 1st. Makes a fine play on 6-3-5 DP. Confidence restored and thus a HR in 3rd then spanks ANOTHER HR to retie the game in the 7th10/13 cont -WOW at dish but Mervis day is not done. He turns in a 4-6-3-6 DP after the ball hits runner and he runs it down with amazing throw to 2b for outLate on Pennington fastball in 1st, pops up hittable FB in 2nd and looks frustrated throwing hats again. He comes and goes with his confidence and focusRoutine fly to CF in 1st. Guesses fastball in 4th and drives it too high to RF. But he has great bat speed and it goes out fof park. He pulls foot off bag in 6th and grounds out in 9thRips clean single to RF in 2nd off Rocker. He has nice bat speed. Works 11 pitch AB in 4th. Pops out in 7th.
Mesa VictorofL2001-09-01 00:00:00MiamMesaSleeper. Son of Victor and bro of Victor Victor.Good swing path, looks polished. Picked on Smith fastball and crushed it for 3 run HRTakes off speeds for strikes to end the 1st. He seems to be always FB huntingRips a clean single to RF. He still has the most polished swing I have seen this year in AzWorks the walk in 2nd. He is polished with good idea of how to hit. He's already a MLB player IMHO but not a superstarHis swing looks nice but hee continues to struggle with getting hard contact. Until 5th when he follows Hunt with a hit leading to a 2 run inning.He is only in A+ so some struggles are to be expectedLate on non elite fastballs today. He has great polish but skills don’t stand out. Until he turns on Uribe fastball for a RBI double.Impressive and disappointing all in one game
Murray BJifS2000-01-01 00:00:00CCubsMesamehHe goes the OTHER WAY with a HR in 2nd to get Mesa back in the game. Lines so hard to CF the Ball was almost over himGets rung up on very questionable checked swing call in 3rd
Murray Tanner3bR1999-09-01 00:00:00TampMesaEntered in 3rd for Simon and drew a walk.Bases loaded 1 out in 5th. He has a single off the trademark into LF in 7th too. He is not a superstar but has some talentCame in as sub. Good bat speed, does he read breaks well? Walks in 6thwhiffs off Uribe after being a sub. No shame in thatxHe makes the best 3b play this fall with barehand play in 6th then celebrates with a single in 6th. He hasn’t impressed until now but shows off today
Rumfield TJifL2000-05-01 00:00:00NYYMesaTall and strong. Dumps one off the trademark into CF for a 2 RBI single and lines another RBI single. Strength makes that possible. But he can be fooled on offspeedSub in 7th vs 100 MPH gas by Uribe. Actually pulls a foul off him. I like his batSwings it well again with 2 hits in 1st two ABImpressed by his size and bat speed as always. He just misses to LF track in 4th and again to the top of the fence in 7th. This guy is a star potential
Salas Josess/3bS2003-04-01 00:00:00MiamMesaFG81Bat looks slow. And not a very good hitter overallAgain, good glove no batHe looks shaky in the field today bobbling the transfer. Walks in 6th but otherwise doesn’t impress at batBat is weak he just hits a lot of grounders. And cant field them struggles also to get ball from in his glove.Lines fat FB to LC for a RBI single in 2ndDoesn’t square ball again today. Taks 3 changes and swings at a FB and cant square it in 7thWhiffs vs Rocker on FB. Weak grounder of Lehamn sinker
Simon RonnyMIS2000-04-01 00:00:00TampMesaOvermatched by Bukaskas & all day really. Singles up middle in 7thSikema makes him look bad in 1st. Subbed out in 3rd.Bat is in not long in zone but quick. He isnt a great offensive player despite swing. He was injured in 7th diving on a linerNothing special todayWalks on wild pitch in 2nd. And hustles like crazy for IF hit in 3rdSingles by reaching out and blooping it to CF. Out trying to get greedy going to 2b. Good speed not THAT good. In field he looks a little rough at SS getting caught off balanceAFL RBI leader bats 9th and drives in 2 anyways. H has good contact and eye skill but an RBI guy he isnt. Walks in 6th and gets another RBI on a bad bounce hit over 2b10/29 cont - It seems the Gods want him to win RBItitle as every time he bats, good swing or no, he gets the result for an RBI
Antuna YaselifS1999-10-01 00:00:00WashPeorialate on Sheehan FB every time. Same in 8th vs RamseyHe turned a pop into an adventure in RF. TWICE. No wind no excuses today. He takes and misses strikes. No Thx10/17 - last pitch by Denoyer he takes to LC gap cor RBI doubletakes strike 3 from rocker.Looks lost at plate but makes a nice running catch in 8thTakes strike 3 from Watson in 5th
Baker DarrenifL1999-02-01 00:00:00WashPeoriaSleeper - Little Kid on field in 2002 WS to 280/343/365 in AA-weak power
Caballero JoseifR1996-08-01 00:00:00SeaPeoriaHe drove in 2 with double to LF in 2nd. Singles off the end of the bat in 7th.Failed to cover 3b onsteal try in 5thwalked in 2nd, HBP in 4thSkies out with 2 on and 2 out in 2nd. HBP in 5th. In 6th up with bases loaded and 2 out and whiffs on a nice chg
Cedeno Nerwilian2b/cfS2002-03-01 00:00:00SDPeoriaWeak swing not impressedNot much at dish. No chances in fieldDoes nice job to draw walk in 2nd but takes streike 3 with 2 on in 6htpops up Rocker changeSensational catch in CFGrounds out for another yawner of a game from Nerwilian
Consuegra StanleyofR2000-09-01 00:00:00NYMPeoriaHe laced clean hit to LF and it rolls for a double. Nasty HBP in 6th but he is ok. Late in 8th vs RamseyChops one in the IF for an infield hit in 5th. K's with runner on 2nd in 7th
Frizzell WilliifL1999-02-01 00:00:00WashPeoriaHe has quick bat. But late on pitch recog. Flips a single to CF. 2 on with one out in 5th and he forces a runner out. Every AB tday was late or weak
Fry DaviscR1995-11-01 00:00:00ClevPeoriaChops one and beats it out. Solid behind the plate but bat is not quickMisses HR by inches in 2nd. Fouls many pitches before lineout to CFUgly PB gives up a run in 4thRinging double to lead off the 4th and liner single to CF in 6th.Breaks up the Sheehan no hitter with a boucer throughthe right side leading off the 5th
Hassell RobertofL2001-08-01 00:00:00WashPeoriaWatch. He tore up minors before Wash (Soto trade). Top 10 talentFG41 MLB22 MLBof4He showed easy bat speed on flyout the other way. Nice rip in 9th for sac fly - he looks legit
Kendall KevinifL1999-06-01 00:00:00NYMPeoriaFirst AFL 2022 batter flyout to 9. Gets nicely placed IF hit in 6th. He has some contact skillsLines a single to LF in 1stEasily fooled by breaking stuff. Draws walk in 5th. Hit it hard right at 2b to end the 7th. Twice dives OVER grounders to his rightStrokes a pretty double to RF just inside the line. Should have made it a triple
Kokx ConnorofR2000-02-01 00:00:00ClevPeorianothing specialGood eye on walks vs Chamberlain and Starr. Looks like a util OFLoops a defensively caused triple to leadoff game. He is adept at going the other way. Then drove it to LC for a double in 2nd and LF for a single in 7th. Good day for KokxShow some pop again with flyout to over 400 ft in CF.Up with bases loaded in 1st gets well struck sac fly. But hits into DP to end 5th with runner on 1st an 3rd and down 1 run. Back to liner single in 7th. Up in 9th with tying and winning runs aboard and KLines a Rocker FB for a hit. Pops out in key spot in 4thBloops to 1b in 4th. Sheehan is dominating everyone today. Walks in 6th but then CS
Lindsly BradycL1998-03-01 00:00:00WashPeoriaNothing going in K in 2nd. Double down line in 8th but bat isnt special
Martinez Angel3bS2002-01-01 00:00:00ClevPeoriaNothing notable here his swing is too longWild cuts vs Wolfham from long swings. ROG same. Arm at 3b is erraticLifts sac fly as 2nd batter. Already fits the Guards style? But his bat is late and overall bleh. Ends game on DPBleh bat. Walks in 4th as Peoria struggles to get into the gameStill cant hit. But looks good in field nailing Kjerstad at hime on chopper and draws a walk off a tiring Denoyer in 5thStill Swining wildly and Late. But his range and arm at 2b is outstanding. Not so at 3b Pops to CF as he Is fooled again in 4th. Ugly AB in 6th
McIlwain BrandonlfR1998-05-01 00:00:00NYMPeorianothing at plate. Pops up with bases loaded in 1st. Looks a little lost at bat
Merrill JacksonifL2003-04-01 00:00:00SDPeoriaWarning track power. Showed excellent range in hole in 9thLiner to RF for clean hit in 5th. Good AB with bases loaded in 8th fouling off pitches before out to track. SleeperNot seeing the bat until the 4th when he one hops the wall at 407 ft in CF for a triple. Nice wheels tooLaunches a rocket to RF foir a HR in 1st AB and another to LF in 4th. In 5th he is up as tying run and just misses a double to RF before taking borderline K on 3-211/17 cont -He is growing on me after a slow startgorunds out with runner on 3rd in 3rd. Gets on via 3b error in 6thLiner to CF off the SS glove. Good cut at 3-2 pitchAnother good game capped by dropping a single to RC in 6th.He seems to be growing into the job in AFL.Hits one to the track in 8th but otherwise he is silent like all Peoria against Glendal pitching
Millas DrewcR1998-05-01 00:00:00WashPeorianothing special today he gets jammed thriceLooks bad on PB/WP in 2nd. Looks bad on 3 pitch K in 2nd. Then looks stupid with throw to get a CS hits the pitcher. Yikes10/17 cont - He is late on everything at bat too. Hard pass at this point despite his statsLined strong single to LF in 1st and hit a strong ball to 3b in 3rd. Then ripped RBI hit in 5th. Bat is there today.even in 9th against tough RP Dodson with double10/20 cont - He is hitting better but his release and throw on CS are terrible still. He gets a guy who was trying to take advantageHits it hard right at 2b for final out in 1st. Strikes outs swinging in 3rd. His bat still doesn’t impress meSent packing with a K again. Sheehan was tough
Ornelas TirsoLFL2000-03-01 00:00:00SDPeoriaBuilt like a LF/RF. Swiing is a tad slow to avg FB from Chamberlain for K. Misses late all nightTakes weak late swings. Moves into a pitch for a HBP. Not fearsome at plateSingles leading off the 7th. CS in 9thOotherwise nothing of noteGot 1st hit for peoria in 4th with a clean single to CF and then lines one to RF in 6thPops it up in 5th
Packard SpencerofL1997-09-01 00:00:00SeaPeoriaGood eye with walk in 2nd but bad cut at ball 4 in 4th. Rebounded in 6th for a huge 2 run line drive HR to RFNothing notedcame on as sub and walks vs Woods then steals 2b. Good speed not great. doubles off the wall in 6th on fat pitch. In 9th he pops out with bases loaded and 1 rn down. He doesn’t impress.Walks in 2nd and 4th, Still not really impressed. Strikes out of Mattison hard stuff
Perez Robert1bR2000-06-01 00:00:00SeaPeoriaUgly error on dropped throw opens big innning. But wins the game with 3 run HR in 9thHe put a nice swing on a Starr fastball and drove it to CF. His bat is potent if he can harness itWhiffs on being fooled in 1st. He's the double double guy and does zip.Lined one off pitcher in 4th. He has a pretty good swing and bat speed (single in 8th) but will it be enough to carve out a long MLB career?Good AB in 1st and again in 9th off Dodson.Nothing special todayPops out in 4th. Still looks inconsistant in Az.Gets HBP to lead off 7ht
Ritter Luke1bR1997-02-01 00:00:00NYMPeoriaMade a nice catch leaning well into dugout. Nothing stood out at batHe hit it solid in 5th right at someone (2b). Not impressiveHis leg speed was questionable after getting DP turned on him in 3rd. Ugly key whiff in 7th and 9th to end gameWorks a walk off an inconsistant Mattison. Not so lucky agaubst Watson in 6th with 3 pitch whiff
Rodriguez AlbertoCFL2000-10-01 00:00:00SeaPeoriaLeads off 4th with single first hit for either team. He has solid bat pathNice cut for RBI double in the 5th leads to only run until lateStrong with glove, takes charge in CF. He times an inside FB for a 5th inning singleTook tough breaking balls from Denoyer. Looked uninterested on D on looping liner to CF. Then lined a HR to RF corner in 6th
Antico MikeCFL1998-02-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverCusick makes him look bad late on FB's, all dayCame in for Oneill. Not much to sayHis bat is slow again. Not catching up to FB from ShreveHe's here again an this time launches a fat fastball for a 3 run HR. Nice. Walks and steals in 5th. Whiffs on awful check swing in 7th10/25 cont - Antico hits 2nd HR of the game in the 9th. What a night for him
Barger AddisonifL1999-11-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverHe timed a Cusick FB for a long HR to RF in 1st. Then again to McNeeley in 5th. 2 HR, 5 RBI. Is this who he is?Didn’t do anything todayxRips a clean single in 3rdThe more you see him the more you realize his first week was hotter than he is good. Works a walk in 5th and gets a steal. Singles up the middle in 6th
Bernabel Warming3bR2002-06-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverSleeper. 312 in 2021, 313 in 2022 reaching AA at age 20Nice swing on 1st breaker he sees in 1st. He has good ability to see pitch. His bat isnt world class fastlooked bad swinging at wimans change. Flies deep to LF later. Need to see moreMade a nice play from 3b tonight. But his bat is dead
Britton ZachofL1998-09-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverLaces a nice double to RC legging it out from the gap. Scores the go ahead run in 7th after doubleripped into try rc gap drove home 2. Also very accurate throw from RF. He looked locked in. Sleeper?Rips a clean RBI single to right on a elevated FB. Duplicates in 3rd raises average to 458 in AFL. Great contact hitter potential10/19 cont - He does the incredible in the 7th to break a 2-2 tie on 9th pitch of AB. Coach says 101 coming in and 106 off Britton bat for 2 RBI single. Dude is a GREAT HITTERAt it again in 1st with a blasted HR offf Woods. Singles in 7th too. He is seeing the ball well. His plate judgement has been good in monrs but the bat contact today is newAnother great AB for a double to LF. His pitch recog is off the scale good. Liner single in 5th off tough
Buchberger JacobifR1997-10-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiver
DeLosSantos Deyvison1bR2003-06-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverBenefit. Show the big jump in 22 no flukeUgly error on K throw to 1st by catcher. Doesn’t do much battingNothing notable today, but looks bad at plate vs Peguero in 8thLined 1st pitch by Armstrong to LF and legged out a double. Nice cut and hustle. He looks bad at 1b today. And again bad in 4th sttruggles with cutter (?) orhard breaking ballSwings too hard with 2 strikes. Nearly gets a hit earlier in AB but needs to protect. Another bonehead play at 1b on pickoff tryTwo early RBI hits for SRR. Long swing missing on offspeed in 5th. Whiffs to Benitez then triples off Hartwif
Dingler DilloncR1998-09-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverFG102continues the brutalization of winans in 3rd with liner to RF. Doesn’t stand out like a top 100 should
Fulford BraxtoncR1998-12-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverNot much at bat
Hummel CoopercS1994-11-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverHe has a solid swing for single in 3rd off Priester. His catching work was stronger than expected
Keith Colt3bL2001-08-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverFG 77They played him to pull and he ripped a double into the LF corner in 1st. He has a nice swing and good frameNot feeling the love of newly minted FG100 ranking todayWorks a walk in 4th nice AB. Boots a routine play in 6thRips HR in 6th to sort of cap it off. Straight way CF over 410 feet
Lavigne Grant1bL1999-08-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverNice swing to take the ball the other way today. But you usually want your 1b to bomb away and he prefers contact
Lawler JordanifR2002-07-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverWatch. AA at age 20 in 2022. Top SSFG45 MLB12 MLBss3He fails in imress. He doesn’t look like a top 20 type prospect to me. But to note he is a few years less experience than most everyone else in AFLlooks bleh again. Botches a sure DP grounder gets no outs in 4th. In the 6th it gets worse as his foot misses the bag on a chopper to 2b getting no one out instead of a dp. Cont 10/12 - That play in 6th allows go ahead run to score. Geez he is bad then yells at the ump whose call was obviously right he looks frustratedHad a big double off Priester. He looked the part of big time prospect more tonight than in any game so far even on outs and with gloveStrikes out swinging on missed H&R. Bobbles more very playable grounders. Late on everything hard. He still isnt looking like a top player. Swings at ball 4 on 3-0 pitch in 7thHBP on wrist in 7th and leaves for a pinch runner. Glovework was strong
Meadows ParkercfL1999-11-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverSleeper. 625 career OPS pre AA 2022 (275/354/466)Leadoff. Tall. Breakout with good bat path and quick bat. His 2022 breakout looks real today. Great contact off tough slider in 7thHe hit a rocket off Selby in 7th. He doesn’t stand out so farUP with 2 on, 1 out In 6th and bounces out. He doesn’t stand out
Morris Tannerlf/2bL1997-09-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverHis future is a util guy. Walks in 2ndTakes walk in 2nd, poor AB other wise all day. Not a fan.Launches HR to RC with 3-2 count on down the pipe FB that he was sitting on.. Walks vs Ian Anderson in 7thBatting between Winn a d Walker today. Doesn’t help as he goes hitless but gets 2 walks
Pages PedrocR1998-09-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverPronounced Pay Hass. Not always set to swing & seems to prefer extr short cuts. Robbed by Castillo in 8thMakes nice throw to 2nd but still not a CS. Then flips a ball towards plate after wild pitch and pitcher is not thereMakes 3rd out 2ith 2nd and 3rd in 3rd
Veen ZacofL2001-12-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverTaken 1 pick behind Hassell Veen had 50 steals in AA with 177 BA. So Benefit!FG64 MLB23 MLBof5walked stole 2b & 3b and scored on wild throw. Flies to wall in RF in 3rd. Drops a single into LF to get the tally going in 6th. Then crucial IF hit in 8th. He has talentImpressive double off the wall against Priester leads to a 4 run rally. Then solid single to RF in 5th still off Priester. 10/15 cont - IN 7th he gets on with IF hit easily on legs. Steals 2b Dude is a hitter, runner, fielder, all around star to beBeats out IF single in 1st, steals 2nd and 3rd and scores. Up again in the 2nd with 2 out and 2 on and lines to the wall just missing. Singles again in 9th but stranded10/19 cont - He faces Uribe and his 100 MPH FB in 7th with 2 ont and long swing doesn’t work. Yes I would prefer a shorter swin from him but he has bat speed. Batting 459.Double double man. Out in 1st and takes 3-2 pitch for strikeout in 2nd, then grounds out in 5th and 7th. Nothing today for VeenGreat catch to end the 2nd. Lines out hard to CF. In 4th he walks and takes 2b as ball eludes catcher and his throw is late.Hard grounder single in 7th and liner in 9th10/25 cont - Guy will walk and steal and play CF for a decade in Colo.A single and a walk early. Adds another single in 6th kicks starts a 6 run rally and gets hit later in same inning right on the arm
Walker JordanifR2002-05-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverWatch. Top ranked AFL player with 80 powerFG6 MLB6 MLB3b1Wow. His talent drips from big frame, strong, long strides and super quick bat. Legs out a hit on routine grounder in 1st. Boots a ball in 3rd but shows off arm from RF that is WOW. cont 10/5 -Good walk in 3rd and vs Gaston in 7th. Long strides gives him a SB (foul ball shoot). Built like Judge but more athletic. He rips another hit - man among boysHis first AB he ripped Priester to the track with about 75% effort. Same effort is a long 2 run HR in 4th. This guy is the next big thing. Period.another ripped single then nice job to whiff him in 4th. He ram hard to avoid double play in 6th and bad call made him upset. He cares and tries on 0-7 team.10/12 cont - Then drives on the lead changing run in 8th with clean single to CF. This guy is the best prospect in AFL since Buxton and he looks better than Byron ATMHe didn’t look great tonight. Ugly AB vs Selby in 7thGreat throw from RF again today. This guy is goodRips clean single to LF to drive in a runHe is a different guy the last week.Taking strike 3 and looking lost in early game. He is late now or way in front of offspeed. Until 6th when he rips a change for a 2 run HR
Winn MasynifR2002-03-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverFG90 MLB 54Glad to get a better look at him today. Pops to 3b after good AB. Lines to track in 7th. He looks good at plate but no results todayWow bat speed on liner single to RF. His speed it electric. Pops up to strand a runner at 3b in 4th and again in 5th11/25 cont - There is a concern that his bat is too inconsistent to be a star. DeJong with speed?He looks really good today with 2 solid RBI singles early. In 6th he adds another one.
Workman GageifS1999-10-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverHe looks like an ahtlete for sure. Late bat in 1st and 3rd. Not ready for this levelNot impressedStill swinging late. But gets one to the wall in RF in 4th but has key K in 9thNice defensive play from SS. Late pitch recog.and fooled in key K in4th.Launches HR to RC on first offering after Morris HR on down the pipe FB that he was sitting on. Next inning he hits a GRAND SLAM
Abreu WilyerofL1999-06-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleLacks elite bat speed for 1b. Lines to RF in 7thNot impressed. Swings wildly at hard stuff in dirt but hit a do nothing FB from Sprinkle for RBI doubleuncorks big throw home holding runner at 3b. Strong but way too high no accurate. Hits ball hard on fly to wall in 7thPops up in 3rdwhiffs ugly in 3rd but makes a great catch in RF in 4th and nails a runner with great throw in 7th. Then lines a solid RBI dingle in the 5th
Blakely WernerSSL2002-02-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleWhiffs twice, Nothing special at SSRipped 2 RBI double to cap a 5 run 1st his off Torres. Then makes a stellar play to get 1st out of the game in field10/15 cont - But he takes ugly swings vs curves from Adcock in 3rdFirst guy to face Knowles and lines one off him literally. Then lines another single in 5th. Just misses in 6thWalked and stole 2nd in 2nd. Booted a key play in 6th for costly error.
Bunnell CadeSSFAtlScottsdalehit long HR shot to RF just foul. Got it straight with big rip single to RF in 4thJoins 1st inning line drive parade with 2 RBI single. He looks vulnerable but he hits a nice pitch from Adcock 405 feetHits a big HR today and walks twice.Much improved since he was first seenout on nice play by 2b. Breaks up no hitter in 7th with flare to CF
Conley CalifS1999-07-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdaleHe put a charge into one off the fence for a doubleHe pulled Rocker just missing a HR so there is thatHBP on 1st pitch as a PHLines a 2 RBI single off pitcher hip in 2nd. In 5th he grounds out with RIS. In 8th rips hard FB by Hartwig for a singleHas good stats but not showing it in scouting. In in 6th he cracks a long HR with a classic swing. There it is - the results!Walks in 3rd. Botts a key grounder in 5th
Kavadas Niko1bL1998-10-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleMLB1b9Didn’t impressHe doesn’t look special but gets hard ground down RF line for double as part of 3 hit gameshow good form on defense at 1b. Nothing interesing on offense todayHe has a big fly and a blooper. He has a future in the bigs but not a star. 2 for 2 with a walk,Takes big cut and miss on sinker thrice in 4th.
Kjerstad HestonofL1999-02-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleBenefit. Missed 1.5 Yrs with heart infection. Needs timeLine shot caught by picher. He doesn’t impress but he is still working his way backAgain shows very little. Late a lot but makes contact.He looks a bit rusty and trying to recover formNot sharp. Good pitch selection but misses them often early or late. Or too far on checks. But he does bloop in a doublesingles to cf on ground in 1st. He is getting his timing down but missing pitches still. He is older than most in AFL but bat talent is obviousLaunches another LONG HR in 1st. Rips RBI single in 2nd too. He is more than heating up as the rust falls off10/17 cont - He gets 2 more RBI on bloop to RF in 4th. Lines single to RF in 6th. Hartwig slider gets him in 8th but Man this guy is really looking goodFirst to face DelBontaSmith out to SS. In 4th he rips a RBI double to RC. 2 RBI single off Hence in 7th on elevated hard stuffSwings at ball 4 to strikeout with 2 on in 3rd. Way off balance in 6th and chops it meekly to 1b. He looks like he has regressed tonite10/25 cont - Kjerstad then puts a nice swing on a fastball in the 8th for a solid hit. He is still capable
Malloy Justin-HenryifR2000-02-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdaleSleeper. 97 walks in AA. Next Vaughn Grissom?Flies to track in 6th just missed it. He looks ordinaryHe has a still unresolved hyphen situation in his name. He shows a good eye but nothing else of noteBreaks his bat and dribbles in front of plate. He won’t run. Wow ugly effort and attitudeLines a single hard to LF in 4th. He is also overheard and annoying in clubhouseComes in late and made a great catch in LFPops up and shows little early
Matos LuiscfR2002-01-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleBenefit. Bounce bak from bad 2022FG32Nice cut on lineout to CF. Then a liner for RBI single in 7th. He has good bat to ball skills tonightDoesn’t show much at plate. But makes a diving catch - incredible - in CF in 5th. He is injured on the play but stays in. Bat is weaker than gloveLines RBI single to LF in 1stNice swing off Mattison in 5th for a double off the wallHas great swings erly
Paris KyrenssR2001-11-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleSleeper. Broke tibia in 21.Slow start in 22 but 1100 OPS in last 32 gamesWatches strike 3 with 2 on 1st. Line drive single in 4th. Overall not impressedDraws a walk with good eye in 2nd. Singles the other way in 4th nice AB
Prieto Cesar3bL1999-05-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleBotched a return throw to allow tying run to score in 6th. Then drove in the go ahead run with solid single in bottom of inning and steals 2bNothing stands out about him up. In 9th he is out on spectaular CF catch ending the game.Cant even hit Sprinkle. Overratedstill weak and late in swingsPH in 5th. Strikes out.He is at it again in 1st inning of this game with a LAUNCHED 3 run HR. He has all good AB today. When I have seen him he looks like a talentStrikes out on a nice curve by Hence
Scott Stephen1b/cL1997-05-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleBleh bat was good at Ccatching was good. Drives a catcher triple to CF fence in 4th and 2 run HR in 6th. Great throw to 2nd in 7th. 10/8 continued - Wow what a night. Need to see if he can do this again. Up as tying run in 9th and ripped a single 3rd hitSingles sharply to LF in 1st. Off to another big day with bat with singles in 1st two AB. Guns down Martinez stealing in 2nd10/15 cont - walks in 4thHe's at it again with another long HR off DelBontaSmith in 3rd. Cranked it over 400 ft. Lined a single to RF on wicked liner. He imresses todayHas big hits all game but also some big whiffs. Hit a 2 run HR, He is going to be a good not great catcher with power
Sugastey AdriancR2002-10-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleSleeper. Good arm high Avg in rookie league. Panamadrew walk in 2nd. Didn’t stand out otherwiseNot well balanced to start swing. Stance is wide and wobbly. He has work to do on offense. Ugly cuts
Teodosio BryceofR1999-06-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleBroke bat and it rolled up the line for a hit. Looks the same in the boxes. But no Kwan hereSwinging through bleh stuff from Sprinkle with a whiff. He doesn’t impressBleh againStrkes out vs Cate in 1st. But in the 3rd he rips a triple to RC with good swing on 96 MPH pitchExecutes a nice Hit and Run in 2nd but late again in 5thHe failes to impress
Thomas AndycL1998-06-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleNothing with bat, had some ugly Wild pitches tooWalks in 2nd and 5th. Swings are late on whiffs to HickmanHas a few great AB today showing a lot of offensive skills
Trimble ReedCFS2000-06-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleSleeper - 2nd round pickCame into game in CF in 6thJust misses 2 RBI double down down RF line in 2nd. In 4th with RISP he takes wild cutsHe fails to impressBatting 6th and rips on LC gap run down by Veen on great play
Wyatt LoganifL1997-11-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleWalked in 1st. Doesn’t stand outRipped a ball to LC gap in 3rd. Strong swing on that one. And again in 4thSingle off Lucas in 6th. Does impress otherwiseLines a single to LF on another fat Mattison offering. Then does the same vs Jones in 7th. Cripple hitter but doesn’t miss many
Yorke Nick2bR2002-04-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleWatch. 22 lost to injuries. 21 was a success. Rebound in Az after strong Sept?FG56Nice line drive single - legged it to a double. He has the bat and leg speed. Really good on defense turning DP on AuerHe looks good but struggles with contact vs avg FB. Doesn’t hustle on GB to 3b and gets doubled up. Tired?Weak fly ball for out. Pop outs too. Ughfinally gets notable hit in 3rd tonite. He just produces but doesn’t impressEye is good, bat no so much today. He makes 2 outs in 1st inningHe is looking up with a line drive single in 2nd and another in 4th. He has a remarkable eye for pitches quick pitch recogNice AB with 2 on an 2 out in 2nd. Worked with his eye then singled to CF on ball he could hit. Does it again in the4th taking one to base of the wall in LF on fly10/21 cont - He botches tough h\op down the RF line. Walks in a run on 4 pitches in 7th
Acuna Luisangel ifR2002-03-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseHe is small but good bat speed and legs speed is exceptional. He launches a 2 run HR in 8th showing pop too. Keep an eye on himDoesn’t look good vs Wentz. Swing is too long vs Del Bonta Smith. He fails to get in front of tough hopper in 7th to allow the go ahead run to score. 10/8 cont - Then he Doubles off wall in 8th that turns the game around and makes him a hero. Drama is his forte - plays like his bro at timesLifted it 420 feet to CF caught on track. High exit angle. But he hit it well. Then frozen on off speed in 3rd with the runner on 3 but he still impressesSwings too long still. Needs to be more controlled. Whiffs in 1st. He isnt smooth at SS botching a slow chopper and nearly botching a liner right at his glove.Lines an infield hit off the pitcher glove. More good contact later but pops up in 8th . He makes a spectacular catch in 7th on pop to LF from SS. ugly error at SS on 1st batter. Hustles to avoid the DP in 2nd then steals 2nd. Takes a walk in 6th. Out trying to steal today as well.Lines out HARD to RF in 5th. He is still looking polished and good just not likely to be a star. Swings at too many bad pitches and isnt as good as bro at overcoming
Correa JCifR1998-09-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseSleeper. Bro of Carlos. Also C. 309/364/446 in High ANice line shot on change to RF almost over Cassie headGoes th other way in 4th in nice ABPops out to 2b in 4th. Not impressed
Daniels ZachrfR1999-01-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseHe is slower than he looks fails to beat out a tough DP grounder. Not impressedLate all dayLined a double off DiPoto. Bat looks decent enough tonightstrikes out to leadoff game and does nothing all gamelaunches a long HR in 3rd to RC off Cusick. 1st pitch he was hunting the fstball
Davis HenrycR1999-09-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseWatch. #1 overall in 2021. Benefit. Inj keeps him to 59 gamesFG19 MLB19 MLBc3Takes walk vs WILD Macko. Pops out on 3rd try. Walks on 4 pitches in 5th. Strikes out in 7th. Nothing to seeAB in 3rd with 1st and 3rd and 2 out and patiently takes a walk against pitches that are close from Ward. Swing and misses on high fastballs. Then catches up to one and launches to track in RC. Pop up next AB. He has eye but bat is still comingWalks in 3rd on good ABHasn’t shown his #1 overall talent much but a hard single in 6th shows his quick bat. But he is overmatched in AFL which is worrisome even if he is youngHe catches today and makes a beautiful throw to 2b to nab the stealing runner. Takes another walk off Cusick then just misses on fly to CF in 4thDavis has a great AB vs Priester liningone throughthe 3b for an error that could have been a hit 10/26 cont - Out of A ball as #1 overall pick 2021. He doesn’t look like a catcher Bad AB vs Jones 1st AB and 2nd as well stranding or getting Schrieber thrown out both times. The bat is just off.
DeLaCruz Carlosof/1bR1999-10-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseSleeper. 6'8" Showed power in 2022 at lastHe is indeed 6'8". Takes a 60% effort swing and drives it to the wall. Long strides for easy triple. WOW. Really fast hands. Makes a nice tag at 1bLined single to CF with authority on low effort swing. Then same thing in 4th or a RBI Wow, is this kid LEGIT ?He had tought swings off Wentz. Most do.Fails to catch a pickoff try which was catchable at 1b. Bat misses a lot of pitches.Grounds out in 2nd. Still not harnessing his size. But looks really good lining a single in 5th then hits one off the top of wall in RC for a RBI triple in 7th. This guy could be a good hitter yet
Easley Jayce3bL SurpriseLate roster add. Doesn’t look great. Severe plate crowder intimidates into WalkDraws a walk in 2nd, lines a single in 3rdWorks a nice walk to start the game and again in 5th. Ugly swing to whiff in 3rdPops out in 33rd
Freeman CodycR2001-01-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseSleeper. Bro of Tyler. Also C. Scouts love - stats lagsHe is good at C but his lone hit was a jam jobHe made the best throw I've seen in AFL to gun down Prieto in 2nd really spectacular. I can see why the scouts love him10/10 cont - He has a nice cut on single leading off the 6th and a RBI double in 8th. He isnt going to be a great hitter but good enough with that arm?He has a great swing and eye and catches well again. A true sleeperLate on FB to K in 1st
Gentry TylerofR1999-02-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseNothing of noteWeak swing. Hits one well into the LC gap and it bounces over wall after LF botched the play. He can hit bad pitching
Gonzales Nick2bR1999-05-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseBenefit. Only 2 weeks in AA due to injuries, 2nd time to AFLFG98 MLB93 MLB2b5 Contreras makes him look bad but that is true for everyone. He has good bat speed driving a ball to the trackNice oppo liner double for 1st inning RBI. Deep sac fly in 2nd. Nothing of noteDouble/double designate. Robbed by OF in 1st and 3rd on liners and then lined right at LF in 7th. Geesh. He has talent gushingHe has bat speed. Zone judgement looks off todayLines a fastball off the top of wall in LF. Dude has a quick bat if he gets it to the ball. In 3rd he just misses on FB hit to track10/27 cont - He gets a walk in 5th from Gaston as 1st batter. Flies out harmlessly to CF to end a threat in 3rd tehn grounds out in 6th
Gonzalez JacobifR1998-06-01 00:00:00PittsSurprisePoor pitch recognition. Bat isnt very fast even out on weak linerLines to LF after a weird missed pop that landed foul then went fair and called foulFooled by chg of speed but fouls off 4 before low FB gets him. Reaches out and pops it up in in 4th. In the 6th he ambushes 1st pitch fastball for a singlePops out in 3rd10/27 cont -2nd of the 2 Gonzalez from Pittsburgh in Surprise both in the lineup today.
Hauver TrevorifL1998-11-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseHe looks bad at bat not quick or recog. ToughGreat baserunning in 5th to steal a run. Not impressed with swingPop to LF his best hit of day. Strikes out in key spot in 7thOff the handle bloop to LF for RBI hit.Sttrikes out swining vs Olson in 4ht.Works walk in 2nd. Then gets 4 pitch walk from Gaston in 7th
Ortiz JhailynofR1998-11-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseFinds way to make weak contact vs Ribaltanothing of noteGood eye taking close pitches with 2strikesLooks bad vs Wentz. Most do.Gets it off the handle for easy grounder in 1st. In 3rd he strokes a 2 run HR to dead CF. Wind helped but that is a pokeK on slider in 1st and in 5th he guesses wrong on 1st pitch for ugly swing at change. 2 pitches later he gets the FB and launches a 2 run HR to tie the game
Rave JohncfL1997-12-01 00:00:00KCSurprise1st hit of the game on solid single to LF. Small frame but scrappy. Great catch down the line in 9th. Util OF futureDoesn’t show much early vs Wentz. Looks weak at dish. But he might have a MLB future as a util OFNot a great talent - typical KCR type. But he picks on a fat one from Mendez and rips a HR to RF. Lines out hard laterpops it up in 1st. Does very little all dayHe fails to impress in 1st 2 AB then an ugly 4-6-3 DP ends threat in 5th. He does nothing all gameTries to bunt in 4thOh fer against Jones
Rojas JohancfR2000-08-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseHe has speed. He is late to find pitches fails to make strong contact. Good on defenseleadoff walk, steal 2b, score on double. Beaut bunt for single causes all kinds of defensive havoc and winds up with a RS and Rojas on 2ndHe looks weak on swings vs Ward and Kochanowicz. Same with Hoffman. Sets up hands low. Works 6 pitch walk to leadoff game and triples off the wall in 2nd try and doubles off the wall on 3rd try. This guy is hitting well AGAIN tonightHe shows a good eye and pitch recog. Good walk and steal in 2nd. He is a future Util with great strike zone judgement but in 6th strikes out with 3 on. 10/24 cont - Leaves with injury in 9th swinging and missing.
Sabol BlakecL1998-01-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseSleeper. 957 OPS in 2021, hit well in 22 while going to catchernothing of noteswing is Bleh ends the 1st. Late again in 4th but struggling Adcock walks him in 6th
Schreiber ScottofR1995-10-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseHe was the double double guy (free burgers) but he was double outs every time upHe has big swing and it goes when he hits it. But a lot of holes in the swing. Today he catches one and hits it 10 feet up the wall in dead CF over 410 feet. Triple and RSBases loaded 2 out for his AB in 3rd. He rips a FB into CF for a single to give Surprise 2 runs. His bat has been alive in AFL so far despite apparent swing issuesIF single wiped out on baserunning gaffe from taking too long to see OF thows. Makes up for it by hitting one off the wall in RF for a triple in the 4th
Taylor Samad2bR1998-07-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseSleeper. In Whit M trade yet to play for KC (inj) but now playingHe has excellent pitch recog and surprisingly quick bat. Solid line drive single in 2nd. Easy 2b steal.Shows excellent range in field. And he has wonderful speed beating out a chopper 2b. Up with 2 on and 2 out in 4th.Bat looks good but missing contact lies out. Has good idea of zoneHe played well in field made a nice catch in 6thBlasts a long HR on fastball in 2nd. Makes a sensationall diving play in 3rdReaches on four pitches with 2 on in 4th. Makes the last out of the game in 9th against a dominating WillinghamIN to pinch run in 8th and stealf off Hunt on first pitch.goes to 3rd on sac fly and scores winning run on wild pitchScrappy player with speed. Olson strikes him out for 9 up 9 down through 3IPBat is slow again today. Really ugly K vs Jones in 5th
Wagner Will3bL1998-07-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseHit 3rd but looked lost at plate. Good range afieldBat was late today. Quick ba thoughHe looks good tonight with short crisp swings with good velo. Laces double to RF in 3rd and again in 6th to drive in big runs and aggressive on bases too.Doubles in 2nd for 2 RBI again. This guy is mashing. Walks in 5th and double down RF line in 7th.Looks bad against Priester. Most do. But against Martinez in 6th he has a strong AB and hit. I like this guyRips a Jones FB into RF corner for a clean and easy double. Shows nice glove at 3b. Then hits a monster high HR in 5th. Misses another HR by about 5 ft foul in 7th before ripping a line out.
Zavala AaronofL2000-06-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseQuick bat but Wentz owned him. He looked OK otherwise Works a walk in 4th

2022 Pitchers

The table below includes all pitchers scouted in 2022 AFL.

NamepositionthrowsDOBMLB teamAFL teamPrenotesFG/MLBTop 100's10/3/2022 Peoria at Glendale10/4/2022 Peoria at Surprise10/5/2022 Mesa at Salt River10/6/2022 Mesa at Scottsdale10/7/2022 Peoria at Surprise10/8/2022 day - Surprise at Salt River10/8 night Glendale at Scottsdale10/10/2022 Surprise at Scottsdale10/11/2022 Mesa at Surprise10/12/2022 Scottsdale at Salt River10/13/2022 Mesa at Glendale10/15/2022 indoors at Chase game 1 Mesa vs Glendale10/15/2022 indoors at Chase game 2 Peoria vs Scottsdale10/15/2022 indoors at Chase game 3 Surprise vs Salt River10/17/2022 Scottsdale at Peoria10/19/2022 Salt River at Glendale10/20/2022 Peoria hosting Glendale10/21 Scottsdale at Salt River10/22 game 1 of 3 Peoria vs Salt River10/22 game 2 Glendale vs Scottsdale10/22 game 3 Surprise vs Mesa10/24 Surprise at Peoria10/25 Salt River vs Scottsdale10/26 Mesa at Surprise10/28 Surprise at Glendale10/29 mesa at glendale10/29 Salt River at peoria10/31 Surprise at Mesa11/1 Peoria at Glndate
Benschoter SamspR1998-03-01 00:00:00cincGlendaleWow velo and command in 6th. Watch himSecond time to see him and again he looks good. Excellent command of off speed especially10/8 cont - he finally gets the ball up in 4th and allows 3 runs around a catcher triple.Wow he loloked good again today, Getting lots of grounders hanging speeds wellSP today. A little wild in 1st inning. He settles in to get a 4 batter 1st. He keeps getting weak groundball contact in 2nd Then Prieto got him for 3 run HR10/21 cont - He looks rattled by the Prieto HR and walks the next batter seemingly trying to nibble. His worst appearance in AFL
Bentley DennyL1998-05-01 00:00:00MinnGlendaleOn for 7th. He starts wild then drops in nice curves for 123 inning
Contreras LuisR1996-04-01 00:00:00GlendaleCommand is poor in 4th but hhe escapes thx to DPHe has good movement, exploding velo and command and breezes through the 6th. Walks #8 hitter in the 7th and hits the #9 guy to bring up Veen. Lifted
Choi Hyun-ilR2000-05-01 00:00:00LADGlendalePitched 5th and showed finesse but only avg velo. He mixes and hides speed wellGave up 2 run HR to Scott in 4th then allowed a walk to next batter looking rattled
Cronin DeclanR1997-09-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendalecame in for 5th threw wellSlider / FB guy in 5th he is a RP prospect and does his job wellIn for 4th and rocked for hard hit double to track in LC. He ws OK with a nice chg but bloops lead to a dagger 3 run inning
Dodson TannerR1997-05-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleIn for 7th. Hits, 2 wild pitches, he is off the reservation. Ugly outing - unimpressedIn for 4th and does the jobIn to face top of order with 2 run lead in 9th. He shows good breaker and a good FB.Everything down leads to walk and everything up his smashed for hits as inning prgresses.10/20 cont - He then gets a key strike call and starts to show confidence again striking out Kokx and popping up Packard
Gozzo JakeR1997-01-01 00:00:00CincGlendaleCame in with 13-8 lead in 9th and immediately got hit. Single, walk, bad IF defense,3 runs scored before diving catch saved him. Not fooling anyoneCame in for bottom of 7th and was crazy wild before Mervis just blasted one to RF for the 2 run HR to blow the Glendale lead again then error makes him the loser
Harris BenL2000-02-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleClosed in the 9th. Was wild with 2 walk and 2 WP, HBP. UGH. Then HR to cap 5 run inning. Quintuple UGH
Henderson LoganR2002-03-01 00:00:00MilwGlendale
Middledorf RyanR1997-12-01 00:00:00MilwGlendaleCleaned up for Harris in 9th. In for 5th/6th. Good command. Mostly. He is hit hard by the likes of Kendall and Millas. But gets grounder when he really needs it. 10/20 cont - tires in 6th and hits 2. Not special and not a long guy at this point. But he reaches for a change to whiff Caballero to escape
Olsen JonR1997-05-01 00:00:00MinnGlendaleHit pretty had in 1st. He mixes pitches well and is polished on command. But heisnt overpowered
Peguero FrancisR1997-08-01 00:00:00MinnGlendalePitched extra inning. Not much velo. Not impressed as he allows 3 runnersSharp in the 8th/9th against bottom of SLR order and the top 2 to get the win / save. He has great command and OK stuff
Peralta SammyL1998-05-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleOn in 5th and changing speeds well. His FB is flat and Gelof explodes on it
Ramsey LaneR1996-07-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleVery umpressive stuff but got all 3 outs in order and all were late on swings so maybe deceptiveIn for 6th. Has a huge break on his curve. Got some whiffs in zero RA IPOn for 8th. Tall and lanky with good velo. And great knee buckling curve. Command needs work but his curve is for real. Very impressiveOn for 8th and 9th. Good command today
Roa ChristianR1999-04-01 00:00:00CincGlendaleSleeper. Need only control to be a SP. 21 and 22 had inj
Sheehan EmmetspR1999-11-01 00:00:00LADGlendaleHe looks polished for his age. Uses FB to set up offspeed like a vet but he is wild with FB in zone. But not with the Breaking ball early. Pitches into 4th10/3 cont - But he regains control in 3rd and completes 4 no hit IP. He looks like another possible star for LAD rotationStarter today and he dominates. No hitter through 4 innings and looks really good. Sinking offspeed is deadly. With decent velo and keeping it on fringe of zone to set it up. Stretch is also effective after 1st hit in 5th ending with a called K11/1 cont - He doesn’t resemble the pitcher with a 6 ERA before today. Seems to have adjusted his stuff to match up better. Looks best I have seen of him by far today.
Shreve RyanR1998-06-01 00:00:00MinnGlendalein 3rd/4th. Throws very hard, Effective until end of 4th when he shows fatigueHe goes for 2 IP today. HBP to start the 7th isnt good but gets 2 whiffs to escape. He has good stuff
Smith RussellspL1998-09-01 00:00:00MilwGlendaleHe is long and lean with OK stuff once overcomes 1st inning wildness. He has good repetoire just needs to work on it. But he is 24 already. 1 RA in 4IP
Solesky Chasesp2R1997-09-01 00:00:00CSoxGlendaleSP today - not real impressive and loses his focus in 1st. Shows nice change to Britton. His delivery comes through lat an violently but good velo and command. Gone in 3rd
Timpanelli VinR1998-10-01 00:00:00cincGlendale
Uribe AbnerR2000-06-01 00:00:00MilwGlendaleSleeper-throws 100. Inj all of 22, in 21 AFLIn for 0-0 game in 6th. He has SERIOUS heat and a good cutter. 123 all K from him WOWComes into an electric spot in 7th vs Veen. 100 MPH gas and can pitch so this guy is going to be elite closer. Britton gets him tonight off 101 FBHe dominates with 100+ again in 6th. DOMINATION thy Fall League form is UribeBrings his 100+ heat to hill in 7th. Weak comebacker and his throw was WILD. He is very unhappy with himself and hits next batter
Alvarez NelsonR1998-06-01 00:00:00NYYMesaVelo but lousy command. He gets a lot of chases though with deception on sinker. Got wild 7 of 9 pitches balls to Acuna and Wagner in 7thOn in 0-0 game in 9thOn for 8th. Walk and ignored baserunner puts the go ahead on 2b quickly. Scores on wild pitch he takes the lossOn for 6th. He is sharp today without control issues
Ayala AlexR2001-11-01 00:00:00TampMesaHe was ROCKED for 5 runs and 2 walks in 1/3 IP. Fat and ugly stuff
Calderon YorlinR2001-08-01 00:00:00NYYMesa
Cusick RyanspR1999-11-01 00:00:00OakMesaSleeper. 2021 1st round pick to Oak in Olson deal. Inj. 100 MPH armHe is tall and loose with a SP repetoire. Good awareness but his fastball is hittable and Barger hit a 3 run HR in 1st. Dominant thru 4 with everyone swinging early or late on his deceptive speed changesstarter today.. Nothing exciting but his stuff does have some movement. He struggles a little with command. He get best work frp, change, FB hit out for HR by Daniels10/26 cont - surrenders the lead in 4th on a chopper, a bloop and a seeing eye grounder. But offense gives him back the lead for the 5th. He goes 5 an they are not making hard contact off him 10/26 cont - until he tires in 5th and leaves after a 2 run HR by Ortiz. Charged with 4 runs but he pitched much better than that
Fall JustinspL1999-06-01 00:00:00MiamMesaSP today - effective but not dominating. Mixing it up like a good SP. He is a good fielder too. Relaxed and working pitches through FIVE IPGets the start. Picks off Rojas trying to steal but IF botches the play and a run scores. He is wild in 2nd with 2 walks and a long HR by Taylor on pitch down the middle10/22 cont - Allows a triple off the wall in 2nd as well (Rojas) as ball is carrying. In 3rd he tries to nibble and issues walks and a HR by J Ortiz. Winds up allowing 8 runsWalk 3 in 2 innings as he was all over the place.
Gaston SandyR2001-12-01 00:00:00TampMesaSleeper-2.6M bonus - 101 MPH. 56 W in 55 IP in 2022Came on RP in 7th. Hard stuff. Command slips after 2 batters - 15 straight balls and he is out at last with 2 RAHe's back in tie game in 7th tonight. Immediately in trouble but mostly setup by cheap IF hit. Still doesn’t impress10/13 con - Allows 2 runs and the ball never left the IF. Needs serious command improvementsOn in 5th in a 4-4 game. And issues an ugly walk to Nick Gonzales. Stays in for 6th and strands 2 to keep the game 4-49.45 ERA now. Walk, triple, wild pitch, before getting 1st out
Ginn JTR1999-05-01 00:00:00OakMesa
Horn BaileyL1998-01-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaCalled into 1st inning. Not impressed but he is very effective. Until command falls in the 2nd with 2 out and he gets hit
Jones HoltspR1999-05-01 00:00:00MiamMesaHe walks first 2 then settled down. He tips change and doesn’t decieve many. But gets consisten weak contact on pitch movement excellence. Only Wagner gets him twice10/31 cont - He has amazing command for theumps corners today. Interesting guy
Jozwiak ChandlerL1999-02-01 00:00:00MiamMesa
Leigh ZacR1997-11-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaPitched 8th. He has good command and takes care of duty with ease on 5 pitches wow123 8th inning. Strong and smartOn for bottom of 6th in 0-0 game. Effective
Martin RileyL1998-03-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaPitched 6th, hard thrower but limited movement. Called for balk. Great control in 6th not the 7thHe blows away hitters with good change and hard slider and FB today. Quick worker. But he gets FB up late in outing then loses command10/3 cont - passed ball allws a run
McNeely ShaineR1998-05-01 00:00:00NYYMesaCame in 5th and gave up another HR to Barger. Rolled thru 6th against weak batters. Not special
Mendez LeamR2000-01-01 00:00:00NYYMesaCame on in 4th/5th for Miller. His stuff is not impressive at all. Allows a HR and nearly 2 more. Then gets in trouble in 5thTries for save in bottom of 7th. But cant get it done with long out to track and a Martin singleOn in 7th in tie game and takes care of business with decent stufffLooks solid in the 4th
Menendez AntonioR1999-03-01 00:00:00TampMesa
Mercedes JorgeR2000-07-01 00:00:00MiamMesa
Miller MasonspR1998-08-01 00:00:00OakMesaHas decent velocity but not overly impressed - command is spotty. But he's not terrible
Peluse ColinR1998-06-01 00:00:00OakMesaOn in 4th/6th. Shows great command and attack with hard stuff. Effective through 6. He was excellent with every phase through 3 IP130/13 cont - He almost got taken out by last Pitch - fatter offspeed left up. He is impressive otherwise
Reed SheldonR1997-07-01 00:00:00CCubsMesaReplaces Gaston in 7th to whiff AnticoEnters in 8th with 8-7 lead and does the job with easeIn during big 3rd - blehIn to protect the lead in 5th. His follow through is weak and inconsistent. Gets better the loner he pitches
Reifert EvanR1999-05-01 00:00:00TampMesaIn today in 6th to hold a 4 run lead. He is quite wild against Noelvi and Ward and all outing although Quero and Hackenberg swings at balls to whiff. Then starts to drop curve over for 3rd whiff. Pitch selection is too repetitve
Adcock TyR1997-02-01 00:00:00SeapeoriaCame in for 3rd. Throws hard but Scottsdale was on it. Breaking stuff gets Blakely and starts to fool everyone11/15 cont - Gets hit hard and struggles with commandIn for 6th and looks terrible not paying attention to runners and issuing walks. 3 on and none out and he escapes
Benitez JorgeL1999-06-01 00:00:00SeapeoriaPitched 8th. Not impressed allowed 2 run HR to Acuna. Got nailed hard on liner in 8th but walked offOn for 5th.He has strong stuff starting with power power FBPitches the 5th. He is solid with command today. 4 batter inning
Cate TimspL1997-09-01 00:00:00Washpeoriastarter in game. He gets lit for 4 hits and 2 walk in first 7 batters all line shot hard hit singles. He looks wild in zoneStarted game 1 today and was rocked by a RBI double in 2bd
Contreras EfrainspR2000-01-01 00:00:00SDpeoriaThrowing mid 90's on slow Surprise Stadium gun. Getting pops and easy flys as his hard stuff has natural rise. He is just dominating Surprise with devastating chamge too. A Surprise find in SurpriseHe looks sharp again today with scoreless 3rd and 4th until he tires in 4th and cant find the plate. Bailed by Taylor swinging at balls. He has great RP potential - a real sleeperWent through the Rafeter 123 with 2 K after they had 7 runs in first 3 inningsThrowing hard and well but too straight. Defense gets him into trouble in 3rd but whiffs Julien to escape. Getting lots of easy flies and pops. He looks good again in 4 shutout
Guerrero JordanR1996-08-01 00:00:00SDpeoria
Hartwig GrantR1997-12-01 00:00:00NYMpeoriaSleeper. 2021 Undrafted to AFL and AAA in 1 year. 94MPH - great sliderPitched 9th. His stuff is electric - slider, FB and nasty change. But his command to leadoff man was bad - 4 pitch walk, also had 2 IF bobbles behind him.10/4 cont. He starts to press with 2 in and 2 out against a tough hitter in Acuna. But he reaches back for velo to get ahead and whiffs himHe has great stuff and faced the big boys of Scottsdale in 8th. His slider just struck out Kjerstad. Gets 3 up and 3 down thx to a CSIn for 4th. He has wicked movement and was crisp today. This guy isnt potentially good he is GREAT alreadyOn to face 3 beats for Salt River - Veen, Minn, Walker. Allows single to Veen and HR to Walker. And then Keith. Then triple off the wall by Deyvison. Not his day. Seems to lose focus after Walker HR
Hickman MasonR1998-12-01 00:00:00ClevpeoriaPitched 8th. batters were late on everything and offspeed really fooled5th pitcher in game by the 5th inning. He was the best too with great pitches to Kjerstad before allowing a single. Then whiffs Yorke10/17 cont - His command is great, stuff is more average. Velo is good. Gets last 3 outs on K too. 2 IP both good. Hope to see againOn for 7th and is looking decent not great stuff again but walks 2 of first 3 batters
Jacob AlekR1998-06-01 00:00:00SDpeoriaSleeper - 88 MPH effective sinkerTall sidearmer looked good vs Noelvi and getting 4 outs with easeOn in 6th and Martin and Julien get back to back hits to start the inning. He makes some good pitches to next 3 batters with sinker
Knowles LucasL1998-03-01 00:00:00Washpeoriapitched 7th and looked super sharp despite shady defense3rd pitcher for Peoria in the 2nd. First batter lines it off his hip. But he looks sharp after the first 2 guys. Works to 4thIn for 5th. He's a lefty who has good array of breaking stuff food at going to LH batters box corner. And uses FB at top of zone. 10/20 cont - He allows only 1 baserunner and collects 5 K in 2IP but makes a mistake on a Ramos HRComes in after Hartwig implodes.
Lincoln ChrisR1998-01-01 00:00:00SDpeoriaEntered scorless game in 4th. Outstaning velo terrible commndRP in 1st. He gets balls from clock for slow to delivery. Shows some stuff but all this while only faced 1 batter
Lugo MoisesRSDpeoriaThrows hard with sinking action for whiffs or chops.Off speed freezes a few guys. Needs better commandOn for 8th. He throws strikes until 2 then tries to nibble in dirt to Pages leading to long AB and a walk. Struggles with next batter too. Allows 1 run
Macko AdamspL2000-12-01 00:00:00SeapeoriaWild and not good stuff. Ugh. Allows 3 runs in 2/3 IPSlovak. Enters in 4th/5th. Issued 4 pitch walk to 1st batter but finesses his way through. Doesn’t last the 4th though with control issues He gets touched up by Hummell and Brittonand has command issues. Allows 2 runs and in toruble in 5th too. NOT impressed as I hoped
Ribalta OrlandoR1998-03-01 00:00:00WashpeoriaNothing special but solid. Ump squeezed him some but he got through it untouchedIn for 6th/7th. Has nice stuff. Gets lots of swings and misses on offspeed. He has good velo today too. Owns the Surprise offenseOn for 8th and looks great today mixing pitches well.
Sanchez FranklinR2000-09-01 00:00:00NYMpeoriaGood movement. Tall. Good arm extnsion. Walked 2 in 5thCame on in 1st as RP. Has a prefect build for pitcher. His stuff isnt outstanding breaking balls are average and often wild. Gives up Hjerstad HR and 3 runs in 1 IP
Scott ChristianR1999-06-01 00:00:00NYMpeoria
Smith CadespR1999-05-01 00:00:00ClevpeoriaWild with fastball and breaking balls. Very much lacking command and gets hit when he throws strikes
Stanley HunterspRClevpeoriaLooks solid in 1st and 2nd he has really excellent command. Gets chases on offspeed. Lost perfect game in 3rd on close 3-2 pitch.walk. He is on the corners all day10/20 cont - his move to 1b is very poor and his pickoff is no better. In 3rd he allows a HR when he misses which shows why command alone will get ya very little. He issued 2 walks but they were on borderline calls
Then JuanR2000-02-01 00:00:00SeapeoriaCame in bottom 9th after Harris blowup in top 9th. Put 2 on then allows a bad hop IF singleLooks strong again in 6th. Good velo and command
Torres LennyR2000-10-01 00:00:00ClevpeoriaSleeper. TJ 2019. 28W, 33 IP in High ARP in 1st for Cate. Has velocity but command isnt backAllows first non HR of the game in 7th/8th work. Loads bases in 8th when he tires but escapes with good pitches to McLain and Ward. Command not stuff remains his issue
Vasil MikeR2000-03-01 00:00:00NYMpeoriaCame on in 2nd. Not great but had good control. Hit with line drive off hip an no trainer check! Worked 4 IP and was strong to the end !
Walker JoshL1994-12-01 00:00:00NYMpeoriaIn for 5th shows good changeOn for 7th nice work as he overpowers with repetoire
Willingham AmosR1998-08-01 00:00:00WashpeoriaOn for the save in 9th and wow late speed fastball and good change has the Surprise bats twisted in knots.
Woo BryanspR2000-01-01 00:00:00SeapeoriaSleeper. TJ 2021 - drafted 13th round. 13.3 K/9 in 2022 2nd half FB command bad early but improves. Slider lacks big break but effective10/3 - Slow to plate. Got auto ball from clock.Good reach back velo for KHe has a SP variety and uses surprise FB for effect with 2 strikes4 no hit IP as he mixes and matches well and really has a ew gear with 2 strikesHe last 2/3 IP before leaving. Appears to be less than 100%. Gave up 1 runToday's SP. He walks and HBP into a bases loaded jam in 1st. He has struggled in AFL after good performance early
Anderson JackR1999-11-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverOn in 4th. Everything in the zone hittable and he gets rippedComes in with a 11-0 score in 6th. Tough to be motivated here as he walks the first batter on 4 pitches. Bad baserunning saves him
Backus KyleL1998-01-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverSleeper. Low armslot leads to deceptive 92 MPH FB/SliderCame on in 7th after Clavo fumbled. LH sidearmer who has some deceptive velo.In for save in 9th. Walks leadoff man. But then he gets a 123 outs to save it. He is intriguing
Bukauskas JBR1996-10-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiverAlready been MLB. He is here for work after should issue delayed him until late July. Fooled with change but hard stuff was WHACKED hard
Clavo BlairR1996-02-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverEntered in 7th and roughed up. His stuff isnt there (92 FB) facing these Mesa dominating bats allows 6 runsHe pitches a 4 batter 9th to get a save for 1st win for Salt River. He isnt the next Clase but he looks much improved over prior outingPitched 8th with small lead. Excellent Velo, but command was awful again tonight. Ward swung at balls at his ankles to help him out but he still walks in a runcont 10/19 - He winds up aiming the ball which allows Black to drive in 2 runs for a 3 run rally
Danner HagenR1998-09-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverSleeper -2nd round pick as a catcherLooked really good in the 5th with velo, location and nice chg. WOWIn for 6th. Wild again. Cant throw strikes early. Then gets a mound visit and everything changes. 2 batters, 3 outs voild clean inning and he passed the no hitter to next guy
DelBontaSmith Fineas spR1997-02-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiverRP in 1st inning. His 1st pitch is ambushed for a HR by Butler. But he then dominates with velo and devastating chg until 3rd when he gets fat in zone and gives up 3 moreTry again to impress in the 6thIn for 4th to 6th. He is not impressive. Not good including clock violation for walk to load the bases. Ugh. Winds up giving up all of a 4-1 lead. Mercifully lifted in 6th with 2 on and 1 out and gives up 4 runs officially when left runner scored on bone head play by Lawlar that gave Scottsdale a short lived leadRelieves Calvo in 8th needing onlty 1 out and gets itOn in the 2nd inning. Nothing of noteGot a start tonight and had a new form with 2 no hit IP. He is throwing much better tonight. Until back to back walkls in 3rd as he nibbles. Leaves with no hittr intact
Goddard JacksonR1996-12-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiver
Gregory HunterspR1998-11-01 00:00:00ToroSalt RiverGot the ball to start this one. He has decent velocity. Not special - lifted after 5 outs as he was getting hit
Hence TinkR2002-08-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverBenefit. Show the big jump in 22 no flukeMLB91He has hard stuff tonight. Got outs with easeComes on with 2 out in last inning for one batter. Kjerstad gets him for 2 RBI single on elevated fastball. Whiffs Malloy with good offspeedCan he keep no hitter in 7th? No flare by Bunnell got him but his fastball is not hittable when he gets it over. Curve is strong too just missing low
Jones StephenR1997-07-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiveron in bottom of 7th, He doesn’t impress but gets pops on hard stuff so he could be harder to pickupTosses 7th for SRR. He pours fastball at the knees and gets outs without offspeeds. Not sure if that will be enough in MLB.. 10/21 cont - Pitch challenge gets it turned to ball and then he is rattled and walks start then he elevats to allow hits. He's out with 2 downDrops a tremendous curve for K in 9th. Fastball is sparkling tonight too
Lambert PeterR1997-04-01 00:00:00ColoSaltRiver
Leahy KyleR1997-06-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiveron for 6th and looks outstanding. Good velo, good movement and excellent command. Sleeper RP ?
Loutas RyanR1999-01-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiverSleeper-2021 undrafted. Up to AAA where he hit the wall
Martinez JustinR1999-05-01 00:00:00Salt RiverPlayed at 5 levels in 2022In to close he retires namesake ngel Martinez
Mattison TylerR1999-09-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverPitched 6th. Nothing special poor commandTakes over in 5th for SP Wentz and noting of noteinto tie game in 8th and delivers 123. Again, he doesn’t impress but gets it doneOn for 5th allows a double of fat fastball to Mats and a single to Abreu both well struck. Relies on hard stuff and change to put awayOn in 3rd. He is just missing the zone today. But his hard stuff is blowing by folks when he gets it over. Gets ball called for working slowly but no damange
Patrick ChadR1998-08-01 00:00:00ArizSaltRiver
Robinson KobeR2022-03-21 00:00:00SDSalt RiverHe pitched the 5th/6th and was VERY impressive. First time seen in Az was an eye opener. Even whiffed Noelvi Marte.Looked strong again today. Who is this guy?
Thomas ConnorL1998-05-01 00:00:00StLSaltRiver
Tolhurst Anderssp2R1999-09-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverHis chg is electric moving. Unfortunately his hard stuff has no control today. 3 walks in 1st and gone only getting 1 outThrows hard excellent velo and change. Sleeper to me I like him. Looked better today with hard commandStarted and showed good command and velo. Sleeper but he doesn’t have top of rotation stuff. Allows 2 runs and 4 H in 4 IP
Walker MattL1998-06-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverPitched 8th with a 3-2 lead and was effectiveOn for 4th and dominates with sinker and fastball. Wow.
Watson TroyR1997-06-01 00:00:00TorSaltRiverHe was bombed to oblivion in the 8th to take the lossOn for 5th/6th and wow3 up and 3 K in 5th. He has really strong repetoire. Not as good in 6th as he is wild in zone. Then started to go to change and got pout of a mess
Wentz JoeySPL1997-10-01 00:00:00DetrSaltRiverHe has really good command and a decent SP repetoire. He could be a sleeper. 9 up and 9 down wow. 4 WOW no hit IP todayStarted tonight and just dominated again with a 1 hitter through 5 innings. This guy is the best pitcher in AFL IMHO and it is not closeWentz goes into 4th before he allows a hit.Stuff looks like last time. He is excellent
Armstrong IvanR2000-07-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleIn with 2 out in 6th. Big dude with good velo. Command is a problemPitches in 8thCame in for Woods injury. Liner by DeLosSantos to start then he starts trying to nibble beofre a perfect 3-2 pitch to Veen. He takes out good hitters in 3rd with good stuff
Bednar WillR2000-06-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleBenefit. Bounce back from bad 2022
Caveres KelvinR2000-01-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdale
Denoyer NoahR1998-02-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleHe has a big 12 6 curve. When he goes FB he gets hit hard including HR by Merrill. But on the whole he sparkles into 5th11/17 cont - gets hit by comebacker in 4th and still goes on. A very impressive effort today despite allowing hits in 5th as he tiresJulien got him for a 2 run HR in 1st but that is happening to everyone. Otherwise a lot of high chops to SS
Dula HunterR1999-03-01 00:00:00SFScottsdalein for 5th - He gives up hard contact but gets outs. Nothing special about his stuffOnfor 6th. Throws 7 straight balls to star his outing. Pass.
Hoffman NolanR1997-08-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleSidearmer in for 6th/7th. He has 2 nice offerings and good command. But he gets burnt once he can predicted by Surprise batsOn for 5th. Semi sidearm slot he doesn’t have special stuff
Kochanowicz JackspR2000-12-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleCame in for injury in 4th with 2 on and worked 5th. Solidstarter with 5-0 lead before first pitch and he showed good command usually. Not great stuff but he knows how to pitch at age 22
Lucas EastonL1996-09-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleCame on in 5th. Gets a huge strike 3 called against Merrill as the tying runOn for 4th. Smooth delivery and excellent command today. Stuff is OK and he is ultra effective
Myrick TylerR1998-06-01 00:00:00SFScottsdalePitched 8th and 9th. Looked better than solid without anything electricin for 8th and 1st pitch lined off his foot and he leavesOn to close it out in 7th and did the jobOn in 5th and gives up a grand slam to Workman
Perry AaronR1999-06-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleOn in 4th with a 5-2 lead. Makes some good pitches with decent velo and some frozen bats with a wicked chg. Hope to see him again
Richmond NickR1998-04-01 00:00:00BaltScottsdaleNothing special throws FB in dirt a lotOn after injury in 8th. Command issues persistIn for 6th and has no command HBP and 2 walks including one on 4 pitches to 1st 3 batters. Winds up allowing 2 runsOn in 4th. Velo is there tonite but the ball is elevated and Wrokman and Morris take him deep. He still is not very good. Gone before he gets through one inning.
Segal AlexL1998-03-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdalein the 5th/6th. He is sharp on hard stuff but goes to that well too often and gets burntMerrill Jackson rips him for a triple in 4th but that wasn’t deadly. Competent otherwiseOn with 2 out in 4th and pitches a wild one to let in a run immediately. He walks 3 in 5th and leaves early too
Smith AustinR1999-06-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdalePitched 7th allowed 2 runs not all his fault. Not that bad but not special In to close out 9-4 game. He is buried for 3 runs, 2 HR and throws the ball over the meat of the dish. All during outing command is off in zone and out of zone. Line shot to 1b for a game ending DP saves him. Luck in other words
VanScoyoc ConnorspR1999-11-01 00:00:00LAAScottsdaleWalks 1st guy on 4 pitches and second one on 5. No one hit him hard but the control trouble got him for 2 runs in 1st despite DP.10/8 cont. Then in 2nd gives up 4 solid rips and 2 more runs. He is up, wild in zone, and not fooling anyone
Ward ThadR1997-01-01 00:00:00BostScottsdaleSleeper. TJ 2021. 2.28 ERA AA in 22 returnWild high in 1st. Settles down and looks command strong. When he misses they are really close and his stuff moves nicely vertical, horizontally10/10 cont - But he doesn’t have great stuff or velo so like a lot of command first pitchers he can give up big hits - Wagner in racks him for HR toniteHe nibbles when in trouble not trusting his stuff in 3rd. And he goes to too many fastballs in stress too. That got him for 2 RA in 3rd. Left with arm trouble in 4th
Webb JacobR1999-03-01 00:00:00BostScottsdalegives up 2 in bottom of 8th to setup SRR 1st winCame in 9th for the save try. From Dayton. Great velo chep bloop hits gets him in trouble but he easily escaps with 2 K
Whisenhunt CarsonL2000-10-01 00:00:00SFScottsdaleWatch. Draft stock dropped due to drug suspend. But talent is big
Winans AllanR1995-08-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdaleHe has excellent command tonight but stuff doesn’t impressGood command and changes speed with effect. Hard stuff is strong and well commanded. But his hard stuff crushed in 3rd as he seemed to go to it exclusively. He allows 4 runs
Woods WilliamspR1998-12-01 00:00:00AtlScottsdaleIn for the 7th, Great command. His stuff gets out without impressinglooks pretty good but gives up a run on bad defense in 7thHe is in for 6th and getting rocked hard by the only 2 good hitters he faced. Will he keep 40 man spot? Seems yes as he mows them down.Looked good. Getting non solid contact. But his stuff isnt good enough to survive bad loaction as Britton showed in 1st. Left after 5 outs with an injury to arm
Zeferjahn RyanspR1998-02-01 00:00:00BostScottsdalePitching in 4th. Lateral movement is pretty good today. He's a RP with hard stuff and a breakerdoes a nice job again. He has talentTwo no hit IP in start tonight. Then 6 straight line shots to start the 3rd. Fastball is up. Runner mistaks holds damage to 3 runs
Anderson JackRDetrSaltRiverPitched 5th. Command not great in or out of zone.
Chamberlain ChristianL1999-07-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseVelo is good but command is spottyCame in with 2 out in 2nd, Short with several offspeeds and good command, he gets K's too. Nice pickoff moveEntered in the 6th with violent delivery recoil. He works fast, Got 'em out-not a star. Has a 3/4 release that is confusingIn for save try in 5-4 game in 9th. Has a nice change today
Cruz OmarL1999-01-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseIn for 6th today. Loads the bases with none out then escapes after a Kokx RBI hit in tie game
DiPoto JonahR1996-09-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseCant find the zone. Doesn’t seem to be a new problem given coaching reaction overheardCame in for Rocker in 3rd and went 123. His FB is OK but he struggles to command off speed
Gordon ColtonspL1998-12-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseLHP Hes able to change locations and speed well to survive without a lot of Movement. Cont 10/7 -Results are good until Surprise got him for 3 runs in 2nd as he left pitches up. Then called for back o back balkssp today. A 2 hitter through 3 innnigs and bak for 4th. He has great command, a killer change, and mixes pitches well.10/27 cont - He tired badly in 5th (why he was out there no idea) and allowed 2 runs.
Kouba RhettR1999-09-01 00:00:00HousSurprise
Lehman TaylorL1995-12-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseOn in 7th. Tall and lanky and hard thrower as a LHP (K's). Polished. Pitched 4 levels in 22 but he is already 26In for 4th. He has good moement (sinker) and decent velo. Looks like a decent MLB RP to me.with high GB rates. Struggles in 6th but keeps the shutout intact
Morales FrancsicoR1999-10-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseenter for 5th. Two K on fooling curvesEnters with a 1 run lead in 9th and dispatches Mesa on 4 batters (2K and a line out to deep CF around a walk) for the saveOn for 8th he doesn’t impress but he posts a 3 up and 3 down when Domingues narrowly misses a HR
Pennington WalterspL1998-04-01 00:00:00KCSurprisePitched 9th and looked very sharpCloser for 7th today. He has sinking stuff some of it hard. Everything is down and singles allowed once they look for itOn in 8th again today. He can pitch and does a nice job in 8th.Starts game 3 of triple header. Good command but breaking balls are not there early. His FB gets it done in 1st but hit hard in 2nd with spotty command getting worse. Lifted - 4 outs and 4 runs
Priester QuinnR2000-09-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseFG93 MLB44 MLBrh9In addition to talent he is great with kids giving warmup balls away. Dude has strong command an stuffHe just went through 7 really good hitters in 2 innings like a knife through butter. Extreme command and good stuffHe is hit today with 4 runs in 4 IP. A tribute to Lawler and Veen who had back to back doubles off him leading to the 4 run inning. 10/15 cont - His velo, location, stuff and pitch plan still solid and he should be a great MLB pitcher soonStarts today and look spolished and strong again. He allows 2 in 1st on fluck double by Ramos. Then throw it by Isola, Julien McLain in 2nd/3rd while getting 6 in a row10/28 cont -but keeps them off balance getting lots of GB. But FB hit hard on doubles by Rojas, Isola and Marte alowing 3 russ. Has to keep it out of hitting zone
Robert DanielR1994-08-01 00:00:00TexSurprisePitched the 5th. Solid has decent velo. Not enough movement he got dinged. Went 6th too and continued to give up hard contact 3 runs total
Rocker KumarspR1999-11-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseWatch. Pro debut after 2 yrs in draft. Benefit. For stuff and polishPro debut was a no hit 1st inning. His command was way off and his velo wasn’t great. Gone after 1 inning leaving bases jammedHis command is better than last time but still not there. Misses in the zone a lot too and his hard stuff was often ripped foul. 10/10 continued. He was getting grounders in the 2nd from everyone. Rounding into formAnother start today. Mechanics are way off coming through too late. But change is working when he doesn’t aim it.10/24 - He is still way off in his delivery consistently. But the pitcher he could be is obviousSP today Lots a lot more consistent and under control today. Nasty change today. He is throwing with less effort on hard stuff too. 10/31 cont - Rocker has a 1 hitter through 3 innings and it looks easy
Ruppenthal MattR1995-10-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseOn in 5th. Quick worker but walks leadoff man another before walking in a run. And he ignores runners for 2 SBHe is on fire today with crips FB, moving slider and dynamic change. IN 6th he gets 2 easy pops and a 3 pitch K. WOW
Schulze BrettR1997-11-01 00:00:00PhilaSurpriseDrops in curve with ease. He looks polished not overwhelming but he makes the Scottsdale hitters look bad. Impressed
Selby ColinR1997-10-01 00:00:00PittsSurpriseGives up a couple of rockets in 7th. Makes Walker look terrible with breaking stuffOn for 8th and is filthy and unhittable. Keep an eye on this one
Sikkema TJspL1998-07-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseHe is a sleeper. Pitches good pace. Good hard stuff, Picks off Auer. 6 straight strikes in 1st10/11 cont -WOW He then throws 6 straight balls to start the 2nd. Sigh. Recovers nicely. Dominates from there then allowed double to AuerHe was up and down obvously. Up big time in 1223 4th inning. This guy has potential - I still think he is a good sleeper candidate
Sprinkle JonathanR1998-07-01 00:00:00HousSurpriseCame on in 4th/5th and got ripped upon against guys who have shown nothing. "Hit me" FB in middle of zone.10/10 continued - Coaches were telling him about issues with him in stretch not coming fully around with head. Next IP was much betterIn for Rocker in 3rd. Struggles with command early in each innings but settles in and shuts them down. Pitches 3rd and 4th. He needs extra work
Starr NickR1999-06-01 00:00:00TexSurprisePitched 7th and looked greatCame on in 5th. He has decent stuff and showed it. 123 6th tooOn in 7th good change today and he mows them down easy with hard stuff. I know he is a Starr but I think he could be a star.
Thomas TohnajR1999-06-01 00:00:00PittsSurprise
Webb NathanR1997-08-01 00:00:00KCSurpriseGelof greets him to AFL with a single, But he wins an 11 pitch battle with Mervis to escape
Wolfram GrantL1996-12-01 00:00:00TexSurpriseHe enters for Kumar in 2nd. Hitting 95 with ease.6 up and 6 down he looks strongPitches in relief today and impresses again. But Britton gets him for a double with the run scoring on an error. FB is flatIn with 2 on and 1 out in 2nd to face Salas. In this wind it is tough and looks a lot worse than first time. Command is off but better in 3rd. Still brings hard stuffIn for 7th in tie game. He has the ood stuff today with command of FB and change and keeps them off balance. He has a future as a late inning RP if he can pitch that change like THISOn for 7th to face Mervis and gets a popup. Moves the ball around well mostly. He survives a 123 inning thanks to TWO astounding plays in OF
Game NotesThree runs from wild RP Smith Of Peoria is the only runs of the game before a 5 run 9th innings allowed by even wilder Harris of Glendale gave Peoria a 5-3 win over GlendalePeoria is off to 2-0 start with 2 road wins after the pitching dominated for 7 shutout innings in 6-0 lead and a 6-4 win over Surprise. But story tonight was the pro debut of 2 time 1st round pick Kumar Rocker who is wild in his only inningA marquee matchup with no less than TEN must see prospects in action. A challnged K call in 1st was new. But not as much as combined 8 runs in 1st inning. Mesa has 11 by 4th led by HR by Mesa, Hardman and Butler. Win 18-8 after 7 over SRR overcoming 5 RBI, 2 HR from Barger. For me No mas 7 onlySloppy game with 6 combined errors that played into several of the runs including the go ahead in bottom of the 6th. The day after getting 18 runs with a loaded lineup vs Salt River, the Mesa side only gets 4 hits today and falls to Scottsdale 5-2Surprise used speed, baserunning and bad defense to nbild a 6-1 lead in 2nd. Peoria gets it back to 6-5 quickly but could not socre the tying run and Surpise beat Peoria 6-5Well pitched by SP Wentz (Detr) and Priester 9Pitt). Jodan Walker unloaded for a 2 run HR in the game but Surprise fought back to tie it 2-2. After a double put the Rafters into the lead in 7th, a huge 2 RBI double one hop the CF wall and gives Surprise the lead they extended to a 6-3 winGlendale blows an early 7-0 lead but held onto a 10-5 edge after the 7th. Both teams scored 3 times in the 9th with the visitors hanging on for a wild 13-11 win. Both teams only had 12 hits but there were 14 walks (9 by Scottsdale) as the control was missing for everyoneKumar Rocker gets start #2 tonight and is better. Surpise is now 6-1 on the season with the 7-1 win tonight in Scottsdale. They are the most engaged in the game team players and coaches with a lively bench. They are fundamentals, hustle, and have a lot of really good players. They could be the team to beat in 2022Surprise didn’t dominate with the bats but they got just enough to take a 3-2 lead into the 9th led by Wagner and Rave and held on for the win - their 7th in 8 gamesSalt River was 0-8 coming into this one. Walker’s big hit in 8th set them up with 7-5 lead but Calvo vs Kavadas is final batter battle won by Calvo of Salt River. It was not a pretty game with 6 combined errors and that doesn’t mention the mental ones. But Salt river is just relieved to win. Period.Glendale knocks out Ayala of TB with a 5 run 1st including grannie for Hinds. But the Mesa side comes back to forge a 5-5 tie by the 5th led by HR from Mervis, Gelof and Murray. Mervis then spanked a 2 run HR for his 2nd in game in 7th and saved the game with his glove in the 6th and 8th. It was Mervis day with Mesa winning 9-7First of 3 in Chase today featured excellent pitching Most notably Fall of Mesa and Uribe of Glendale. No runners even reach 3b with 3 DP and 2 CS wiping out any threats. Until 7th when Noelvi Marte rips a 2 on single but McLain nailed at home by Guldberg. Manfred man scores on DP in top 7th and excellent catch in RF prevents it from more. Manfred man scores for Glendale too so the final is 1-1 in 8 inningsQuite a start to this one with Scottsdale getting 5 in top of 1st without an extra base hit but lots of hard contact off Cate. An added 3 in 4th to bust out to an 8-1 lead. From there the Scorpions held off PeoriaWentz (Salt River) and Priester (Surprise) was the pitching matchup and it was a great one on paper - maybe the best in Az. Wentz did not disappoint and Priester pitched well except for one inning when Zeen and Lawler kicked off a 4 run rally with back to back doubles. Salt River hangs on for a 4-1 win behind another Wentz domination for 5 IP in a win vs SurpriseThis was a brilliant day for the best hitters on both teams to shine. For Scottsdale it was an early burst to a 6-1 lead led by Conley, Kjerstad and Yorke who went a combined 9 for 15 with all 6 RBI. Peoria rallied back for 4 runs led by Ornelas, Rodriguez and Merrill but never caught up as 4 strong innings by Denoyer and a strong 9th by Webb gave Scottsdale a 6-4 win. Star bats early as Veen, Britton and Julien delivered in a 2-2 game. Good pitching especially by Tolhurst and the Glendale pen. In the 7th, one of the best AB of the year was a 9 pitch war between soon to be closer Uribe and the unstoppable Britton whose 2 RBI single. But in the 8th, it was worse pitching than the batting was good as the awful Clavo gives up 3. SRR falls 5-4 to GlendaleThe story should have been strong pitching from Glendale led by Stanley and Knowles. But they allowed 2 hits, both HR by Pages and Ramos, which allowed 4 runs to score with walks on base in front. Led by 4 strong IP by Smith the Glendale side led 4-2 into the bottom of 9th. The Glendale almost cameback getting 1 run and nloading the basers before a Packard popup ended itScottsdale scored in every inning but 1 today to win 10-3 in 7 innings. Another strong game from Yorke, Kjerstd, and espcially surprise performer Stephen Scott lead the way behind strong SP effort by Woods (before injured) Misery for SRR continues despite having 4 excellent bats in Veen, Winn, Britton and WalkerGame 1 is instand replay for Wentz from last Saturday. He no hits Peoria into the 4th and combined with Martinez, Robinson and Danner on a 2 hitter. Another off day for Walker but not for Britton who led the attack for SRRScottsdale grabbed a 9-4 lead through the first 6 innings and held on against a last inning rally for a 9-7 win. Prieto, Scott, and Conley had the HR for the Scorpions. But the bat of the game was Julien from Glendale again who had 2 HR, 3 hits and drove in 5 of the first 6 runs for the Desert DogsThis game featured a hard wind blowing straight out that changed several balls into doubles and homers. Surprise busted out to a 9-4 lead after 3 1/2 innings but then Mesa found some pitching led by Ayala and kept on hitting to win 12-9 with a massive comeback.Mesa was led by HR by Cassie, Hunt and Auer with the blow by Auer breaking the tie in the bottom of 6. The highlight today is another chance to see Kumar Rocker and he still looks rusty despite only allowing 1 run. It was the first of many great outings today started by a 3 k outing by Woo and capped by a 3 K in 3 batters 9th by Willingham of Peoria. Both teams struggled in key AB except for Connor Kokx in the 6th with the game winning 2 out hitThis was a 0-0 game until the top of the 3rd when the Rafters went to work. 3 in 3rd 3 in 4th and 5 in the 5th and BOO it was 11-0. For 6 innings Scottsdale was no hit! In the 7th. Meanwhile Antico and Workman each hit 2 HR for Salt River as they roll 12-0 on a 3 hitterA back and forth game with a little of everything today was decided in bottom of the 8th on speed. Samad Taylor of Surprise came off the bench to steal 2n on 1st pitch, went to 2nd against a good throw from CF and scored on a wild pitch that just was out of reach as Taylor sped hoe. Final score today Surprise 5, Mesa 4The Glendale side got to Surprise ace Priester on doubles by Ramos, Noelvi Marte and Isola for 4 runs in the first 4 innings. And then Glendale added a 7 run inning in the 5th once he left. The Glendale Desert Dogs win it easy 11-1.Glendale gets 7 walks over the first 4 innings but only 2 hits and 2 runs. The allowed 12 hits and make 4 errors in the field as Mesa builds a 6-1 lead and romps to a 10-3 win.Salt River has some great bats and they were romping today. Veen (2 for 3 with a walk), Winn (2 fo 5 with 3 RBI), Walker (3 run HR), Barger (3 hits, 3 RS), and DeLosSantos (needed a HR for the cycle!) all contributed to a 19 hit destruction of Peoria pitching. Salt River won for the 10th time in 15 games with a 15-4 win this afternoon over PeoriaKumar Rocker tosses 3 dominate innings on 1 hit and the Surprise staff allowed 4 hits total in a combined shutout win. The Sagueros had 5 runs with just 3 RBI as they went scrath today on offense other than a magnificent 2 run HR by Wagner. Final score 5-0Looking for back to back shutout games as Sheehan led the way with 5 shutout IP. Peoria had 3 hits all game.